“Ready, Fire, Aim”

Rep. David Ralston has received a letter that, while not an endorsment, has plenty of nice things to say about him. BTW, the letter is from Zell Miller in his own hand. Jim Galloway has more, as does Insider Advantage. Ralston intends to make use of this letter in his race against Speaker Richardson.

Here’s some of the letter:

“For years I have watched you use your rare gift of stability and tact in the courtroom, community and before the committees of the State Capitol. And I have been envious of your skill at bringing people with differing views together.

“Never has that rare talent been more needed at every level of the political spectrum as it is today.

“I do not write this letter with any desire to get involved in today’s political process. I’ve been there, done that and am thankful for the experience. I just wanted my old friend to know that I have always admired you.”


  1. atlantaman says:

    I know Zell has won a lot of Republicans over, but I still wonder whether his handwritten note is going to sway any members of the caucus.

  2. atlantaman says:

    The only hope David Ralston has, like Jim Martin, depends completely on Barack Obama. If the GOP loses more House seats than expected, then Ralston has a chance, if not then he’s toast.

  3. SouthPeach says:

    Now…who would believe SavannahDem to be a REAL SavannahDem??? Not even the majority of the Republican House members except the speaker’s cronies want him in as speaker! If anyone thinks the speaker has changed…wait until after he is re-elected by the caucus…the mask will come off and guess who will be under it???

  4. SavannahDem says:

    Yep, I really live in Savannah, and I’m really a Dem.

    I also strongly dislike Richardson. But, I hope he stays Speaker. He’s the best thing Dems have going for them in trying to pick up seats.

    So, please, please, pretty please keep him on board. He stinks.

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