Troy Goes to Washington

Troy Windham is not only intrepid … he’s inspiring. Listen to him here as he channels House minority leader John Boehner, explaining why if you’re not man enough to make the tough choices, you shouldn’t be in Congress. This isn’t the speech you heard for Goddard in Warner Robins yesterday. Seems Boehner knew that would be a little … awkward for Rick. Then again, Rick put Boehner in a pretty awkward spot by attacking the rescue plan, which may be why Boehner backed off the “guarantee” that Rick said he had that he would be on the Armed Services Committee. Now Boehner says he’ll “try”. Ouch. You can read about THAT in Travis Fain’s blog.

Boehner’s speech did make me think that they sure must have some funny ways of doing things in Ohio, where he’s from. Who exactly eats mud sandwiches? Watch the re-enactment here.


  1. fishtail says:

    Bobby Kahn could spend every waking minute of his remaining life in prayer for forgiveness and never come close to atonement for his uncountable sins….he’s worse than even Lee Atwater.

  2. Come on folks, Washington is the perfect place for a energetic, telegenic, well spoken and completely clueless young man to wander aimlessly in.

    Maybe we can get Barney Frank to put him in charge of Frannie Mae, or, better yet, elect him President. He’s as qualified as the other Democrats.

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