Erick, Please Show Goddard the Internets!

Refreshing your recollection, we were trying to determine if Rick Goddard could get his cell phone to work in Hawkinsville.  You see, Gen. Goddard had trouble returning calls and emails for three days, during which time he was trying to figure out whether he was for or against the bailout.  We now know after polling the issue, General spine is against the bailout.

Now, the intrepid Troy Windham as gone to Warner Robins, and found the most amazing thing — the internet.  Since Gen. Goddard’s former position had something to do with logisitics, you would think finding a cell phone or the internets shouldn’t be a problem.  If anyone sees Gen. Goddard, tell him the internet is here.


  1. By this logic, I should cut a video in Washington D.C. trying to find a Constitution.

    Because Marshall obviously didn’t consult that before making his vote on an unconstitutional bill not only once, but twice.

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