1. Doug Deal says:

    When isn’t it our week 😉

    Grift, you are reading more into what I write this week than usual. You were commenting on Erick not posting a GA related thread, which is what rogue always used to do with SpaceyG. You were obviously pointing out that hypocrisy, which I do not really care about one way or another (*1). I was just commenting on your equal (calling you rogue) but opposite (in political drag) behavior.

    I only put in non-serious barbs to people I respect or at the very least don’t hate.

    *1 I enjoy non Ga topics more so than the GA ones anyway, I think there is a place to a Georgia interpretation to national events that effect GA.

  2. Chris says:

    Lets face it, other than the GOP wanting to —– Saxby there is nothing going on in Georgia Politics.

    (term deleted because it was once used to refer to people with extra melatonin)

  3. Bucky Plyler says:

    That intro sounded like a disclaimer on a federal loan application.

    Maybe Biden needs someone from the WWF to introduce him.

  4. Vic says:

    thanks for helping bring us eight years of cheney & bush, for the unbrainwashed Americans with memories:

    1) 1994 Dick Cheney on Occupying Iraq:


    2) 1995 Cheney as CEO of Halliburton; War Profiteering changed his perspective on the war.

    3) Halliburton paid over 25 billion, then thanks U.S. by moveing headquarters to Dubai to protect their profits:


    4) US Troops in Iraq talk about Halliburton & KBR

    5) Cheney admits no Iraq 9/11 connection:

  5. GOPeach says:

    There is PLENTY going on in GEORGIA politics! You need to look at the local races in Cobb – Hunter Hill vs. Doug Stoner – GO HILL! That Doug Stoner is such a little brat. I used to go to the Dairy Queen ( where he works) in Smyrna until that twit dropped my ice cream in the floor and handed it to me anyway. Dairy Queen Doug needs to get CREAMED by Hunter Hill!!!!

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