1. GeorgiaValues says:

    Energy & Gas Prices
    Saxby understands that rising gas prices are hurting our families and has introduced the bipartisan Gas Price Reduction Act of 2008. This legislation would allow states to explore for domestic oil and gas resources, increase research and development for advanced batteries, urge the federal government should increase its purchases of these vehicles, and strengthen U.S. futures markets through increased transparency.

    The Economy & The Fair Tax
    Saxby understands that we are in tough economic times and the last thing Georgia families need are higher taxes. That is why he has introduced the Fair Tax in the U.S. Senate. The Fair Tax would replace all federal income and payroll taxes with a progressive national retail sales tax, a prebate to ensure no American pays federal taxes on spending up to the poverty level, dollar-for-dollar federal revenue neutrality, and a repeal of the 16th Amendment through companion legislation.

    Saxby wife Julianne is a retired teacher, his daughter Lia is a teacher and he understands how important it is that every child receives a quality education. He strongly supports No Child Left Behind. Since 2001, this landmark education reform law has increased the standards of accountability for states, school districts, and schools, as well as provided parents with more flexibility in choosing which schools their children attend. In addition, Saxby has held listening sessions across the state bringing federal education officials together with Georgia educators so they can have their voices heard about how to improve the program in Georgia.

    Health Care
    Saxby knows Georgia families are being squeezed by rising health care costs. He is original cosponsor of S. 1019, the “Universal Health Care Choice and Access Act,” to provide individuals and families with tax incentives so they can afford to purchase their own health insurance. Saxby also voted to stop a cut in Medicaid reimbursements to our doctors that would have kept many of them from providing services to our seniors. And he introduced a bill to fix SCHIP’s funding shortfall and save Georgia’s PeachCare program for our children.

    Saxby believes we must secure our borders first and enforce the immigration laws we have on the books. Saxby has rejected proposals to provide amnesty for illegal immigrants and has called for the creation of a tamper-proof biometric ID card for foreign workers.

    War in Iraq & Veterans Issues
    Saxby has traveled to Iraq six times and spent Thanksgiving with our Georgia troops deployed in the area. He introduced the Wounded Warrior Assistance Act of 2007 to make certain that the medical needs of wounded servicemen and women are properly met and that bureaucracy does not interfere with their progress. He worked with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to open additional community-based outpatient clinics throughout Georgia. And he supported the 2009 Defense Authorization Act that provides $612.5 billion in funding for the Department of Defense including $60 billion in war-related supplemental funding and a 3.9% pay raise for service members.

    Social Security
    Saxby’s mother depends on Social Security and he knows that must provide a 100 percent guarantee that all current and future beneficiaries will receive their benefits. He believes the best plan to make the program solvent must include a proposal that allows younger workers to voluntarily build their own retirement nest-egg that they own and can be passed on to their children and grandchildren.

  2. Three Jack says:

    his wife is a teacher, therefore he knows educational needs. bs!

    his mother “depends” on social security (why can’t she depend on her well-to-do son?).

    his yardboy is mexican, he must know what to do with immigration.

    talking points are useless at this point. hope you have your resume ready georgia values (leave off the part about defending the indefensible).

  3. Most conservative Republicans probably agree with Saxby in 99.9% of the votes he has cast in the Senate. In 6 years, I can only think of 4 pieces of legislation that I disagree with him on. That’s not too bad of a record. The trouble is they were big pieces of legislation.

    If Martin is elected, there will probably be 4 votes in the next 6 years that I will agree with him on. That’s the difference and that’s what we need to be telling our folks.

    Saxby deserves another chance and another term and if he screws up next time, we can start a “Draft Herman Cain” movement.

    Remember, we HAVE to hold the line here in Georgia. If the Democrats make 60, there will be nothing to stand in the way of their liberal agenda. The UK just partically nationalized its banking system. What’s to stop an Obama administration with large majorities in the House and Senate from doing similar?

    Here is where we currently stand:

    49 Republicans
    49 Democrats
    2 Independents (Sanders – VT, Lieberman – CT)

    No Democrats are in danger so they need 9 pickups. The open seats are where we’ve had a Republican retire. According to RealClearPolitics.com:

    1. NC – Elizabeth Dole is down by 9 points +1
    2. VA – (open) Jim Gilmore is down by 30 points +1
    3. AK – Ted Stevens is down by 4 points +1
    4. NH – John Sununu is down by 5-8 points +1
    5. CO – (open) Bob Schaffer is down by 6 points +1
    6. NM – (open) Steve Pearce is down by 17 points +1
    7. OR – Gordon Smith is down by 5 points +1
    8. KY – Mitch McConnell’s race has tightened to within the margin of error – toss up
    9. MN – Norm Coleman is down 2 to 9 points – toss up
    10. GA – Saxby Chambliss is down to within the margin of error – toss up
    11. MS – (open) Roger Wicker is down to within the margin or erros – toss up

    Dems have to win just two of the four toss ups to hit 60. I am not as worried about KY and MS because McConnell and Wicker are still leading within that margin, Coleman, however, isn’t.

    If there were any year to look at Saxby as part of the big picture, I’d say this is the one.

  4. Doug Deal says:

    Holding the line is what cost the Republican Party its soul. Stevens has no business in Congress. He and Foley probably cost the GOP several seats in the house and 2 close seats in the Senate.

    If Stevens was shown the door when he threatened to resign, instead of the GOP trying to “hold the line”, the GOP would have kept the Senate in 2006.

    Some members are probably the best you can get for their state, like D’Amato, but Georgia should be represented by a fiscal conservative, because Massachusetts or Vermont certainly aren’t going to provide one.

  5. Three Jack says:

    what a lineup of losers.

    if anyone had a doubt, cobb’s post demonstrates why the gop is losing support everyday. we are supposed to be excited about electing ted stevens, liz dole, gordon smith, saxby, et al?

    get ready for at least two years of pelosi, reid and obama running the show. the blame falls squarely upon gop party leaders who continue to make excuses instead of finding new candidates to knock off the old guard.

  6. muffin15 says:

    as a borderline republican I do worry about the biting your nose to spite your face here. Sure he may have not conducted the way his base would on a few issues. Does a changing of the guard benefit our state more than giving up seniority in committees and clout.

  7. odinseye2k says:

    We actually need 10 pickups. Lieberman’s ass will be hitting pavement January 2009. He’s kneecapped us enough that he is now more liability than asset.

    Also, I’m glad Oregon finally figured out Gordon Smith. He’s all but become the Oregon Obama campaign chair in order to try and keep his seat. Give me an honest conservative to go up against any day.

  8. Ga Values says:

    Had lunch in a small local place today. There were 4 people at tables on both sides of me..After listening to their conversation, Saxby would be lucky to get 1 vote from the 8. Saxby is a big spending, big government, pro amnesty LIBERAL who needs to go. Maybe Johnny will get the idea.

  9. Vic says:

    At least Saxby is getting Georgia some National Press:


    In the 2002 Senate race in Georgia, Mr. Chambliss attacked his opponent, incumbent senator Max Cleland, who lost both his legs and an arm in Vietnam, “for breaking his oath to protect and defend the Constitution.” Chambliss didn’t stop there. He then compared Cleland to Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. These tactics should haunt Mr. Chambliss, who was four times deferred from the draft and ultimately avoided service because of a “football injury,” for the rest of his life. He should never be allowed to live down the shame. “

  10. jsm says:

    “…and if he screws up next time, we can start a ‘Draft Herman Cain’ movement.”

    I still have a long-shot hope that Governor Cain won’t be interested.

  11. republicannomore says:

    Wow you think true conservatives believe in Saxby 99.9% of the time? You must mean the social conservatives, the ones who are mostly single issue voters who blindly follow some preacher with a snake in one hand and a fist full of cash in the other.

    The fact is I was a Republican because I believe in capitalism and the free markets. Most of you are the other way around.

    As for the talking points, recent converts are never trusted especially when they try to become preachers. You and Saxby must believe that we are all stupid. We must have forgotten how he porked out in the ag bills during his time as chair, or the bad deal on immigration reform or the energy sell out. Maybe you hoped it would be washed away as he spent $700 BILLION to bail out failures and not the hard working folks who put him in office.

  12. My fax to Saxby after his Bailout/Sellout vote:


    Seeing these Reps playing kissy-face with Saxby renewed my faith in the GOP. If, by “faith”, one means “belief that they’ll sell their grandmother if it means winning”.

  13. John Konop says:

    I wonder if Saxby will support McCain with a home in every pot plan?

    John McCain’s American Homeownership Resurgence Plan


    John McCain will direct his Treasury Secretary to implement an American Homeownership Resurgence Plan (McCain Resurgence Plan) to keep families in their homes, avoid foreclosures, save failing neighborhoods, stabilize the housing market and attack the roots of our financial crisis. America’s families are bearing a heavy burden from falling housing prices, mortgage delinquencies, foreclosures, and a weak economy. It is important that those families who have worked hard enough to finance homeownership not have that dream crushed under the weight of the wrong mortgage. The existing debts are too large compared to the value of housing. For those that cannot make payments, mortgages must be re-structured to put losses on the books and put homeowners in manageable mortgages. Lenders in these cases must recognize the loss that they’ve already suffered.

    The McCain Resurgence Plan would purchase mortgages directly from homeowners and mortgage servicers, and replace them with manageable, fixed-rate mortgages that will keep families in their homes. By purchasing the existing, failing mortgages the McCain resurgence plan will eliminate uncertainty over defaults, support the value of mortgage-backed derivatives and alleviate risks that are freezing financial markets.

    The McCain resurgence plan would be available to mortgage holders that:

    Live in the home (primary residence only)
    Can prove their creditworthiness at the time of the original loan (no falsifications and provided a down payment).

    The new mortgage would be an FHA-guaranteed fixed-rate mortgage at terms manageable for the homeowner. The direct cost of this plan would be roughly $300 billion because the purchase of mortgages would relieve homeowners of “negative equity” in some homes. Funds provided by Congress in recent financial market stabilization bill can be used for this purpose; indeed by stabilizing mortgages it will likely be possible to avoid some purposes previously assumed needed in that bill.

    The plan could be implemented quickly as a result of the authorities provided in the stabilization bill, the recent housing bill, and the U.S. government’s conservatorship of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. It may be necessary for Congress to raise the overall borrowing limit.


  14. In the last days before Newt left office in 1998, we were having our staff Christmas Party. Normally a fun affair, this one was very much overshadowed by the fact that we’d all be losing our jobs since Newt was stepping down from Congress.

    At one point during the dinner Newt turned to me and said, “Jason, what’s the most important vote a member of Congress can make?”

    I’ll let a few of you guess what Newt’s answer was before going on.

  15. Vic says:

    At one point during the dinner Newt turned to me and said, “Jason, what’s the most important vote a member of Congress can make?”

    “A personal vote to get a multi million dollar book contract and television deal with Rupert Murdoch?”

  16. Bill Simon says:

    “You must mean the social conservatives, the ones who are mostly single issue voters who blindly follow some preacher with a snake in one hand and a fist full of cash in the other.”

    That is exactly who Cobb Needs meant. AND…there are LOTS of snake-envious people who are Republicans.

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