Sounds likes they are having the intended effect

The Clayton County School Board may stop taking public comments.

The Clayton County Board of Education’s public participation meetings — which were intended to increase community input — could be done away with because not enough residents are speaking at the monthly gatherings.

The public comment events were created earlier this year when the school board revised its participation policy. At the time, board members and school system officials said they wanted to offer the public more time to speak. Under the old structure, residents had two minutes to address the body during a 30-minute period in the middle of the monthly business meetings.

In the spring, the BOE changed its comments policy and established a separate day and time for public comments, in which residents were given three minutes, plus a pledge by the board to stay all night to listen to residents.

However, the sessions have been poorly attended, drawing small audiences and attracting about five speakers each.

Let’s get this straight: they shut down public comment during regular meetings when real issues would be discussed and set up a separate day when no business will be discussed and now people won’t come?

Sounds like a no brainer to me.


  1. Dave Bearse says:

    Yeah, but the additional payment Board members received for attending an absolutely useless meeting makes it all worthwhile.

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