Saxby Explains His Vote

From Roll Call:

Chambliss appears to be the first Senator to put out an ad explaining his vote on the bill, joining a small number of House Members — including Georgia Democratic Rep. Jim Marshall — who have felt compelled to release ads on the issue.

In the 30-second ad — which began running in Atlanta on Tuesday and will run statewide starting Wednesday — Chambliss argues that, “Businesses are failing, Georgians are losing their jobs, their homes, their retirements and their life savings. Congress had to act. I’m as mad as you are about what happened, but doing nothing would have been a disaster. The rescue bill is a strong bipartisan effort to fix the economy and to protect your financial future.”

Hey Saxby, let’s have a serious moment here. When you decided to throw Rob under the bus, you hired Sam Nunn’s old guy to be your Chief of Staff.

Your own staffers in Washington and here in Georgia dislike the guy. Other Republican Senators tell me they think your Chief of Staff has screwed you up and led you astray on a variety of issues.

I don’t know the guy at all, but a number of our mutual friends, your staffers, and some of your fellow Senators tell me the guy is not serving you well.

If you can make it out of this election, I suggest you replace him with someone else. How about with a Republican?


  1. Three Jack says:

    seems he left this part out of the commercial which WAS included in the boilerplate reply to opposition emails:

    NO NEW GOVERNMENT SPENDING. The language is clear – all revenue generated through the repayment of any assets purchased and any sold must be used to pay down the national debt. No money will go to pork projects, new government spending, or liberal groups such as ACORN.

    saxby is not only totally inept, he is a pathological liar as well.

    FIRE SAXBY now!

  2. AtlConservative says:

    The ad doesn’t answer why the Senate felt it was necessary to add an ADDITIONAL $112B of BS… pork… whatever!

    Whether his chief of staff is the issue… I don’t know, but until he remembers he is elected as a Republican by Republicans and he starts voting as a fiscal conservative, my support is gone!

    BTW – he is the Senator! Not his chief of staff! So he is accountable for his actions regardless of anything or anyone else!

  3. odinseye2k says:

    Also keep in mind that Saxby voting for a bill that was about helping out banks on Wall Street rather than Main Street business.

    There are various other ways to juice the commercial paper and business lending market without chasing down toxic derivatives. Also, the option to acquire ownership in companies should have been the default rather than something that Paulson can ignore.

  4. IndyInjun says:

    When Saxby says he is mad about it too, he is trying to make it sound like he just popped into office all new and hasn’t been in DC 14 years.

    Appeals to personal responsibility are lost on a hack like Saxby, who takes none himself and wants us to blame the Dems, the borrowers, the government, or ANYBODY except him.

    Fire him!

  5. John Konop says:

    Was Saxby mad about his highway, farm, Energy, no child left behind, drug prescription…..votes that lefty us 11 trillion in the red and growing? I have news for Saxby many of us are mad.

  6. Ga Values says:

    If Saxby is so mad, when will he give back the $1,322,000,000.00 that Banks, Real Estate Companies, and Insurance companies have given him?? McCain Says Country First, Saxby says LOBBYIST FIRST. Vote Conservative Vote Buckley.. FIRE SAXBY.

  7. Ga Values says:

    got carried away with my zeroes.. Through June 30 Saxby had recieved 1 million, three hundred twenty two thousand Dollars from Banks, Real Estate and Insurance companies. He surely has been shaking them down since then and by the Election this group of LOBBYIST will have contributed over $3,000,000.00. We all know Saxby earned this money with his vote & earmarks, it will not be given back.

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