Marshall gets in trouble over his bailout ad

Jim Marshall (D-GA) is one of the most endangered Democrats on Capitol Hill. His Democratic base does not like him because he supports the war and voted against SCHIP. The Republicans don’t much care for him either, though they’ve traditionally supported him. Lately, he’s been a bit too pro-union for the local GOP and he voted for the Wall Street bailout.

After the bailout, Marshall filmed a commercial explaining his vote. You can watch his advertisement here.

Roll Call reports this morning that Marshall shot the ad at the Perkins Coie, a lobbying firm that *lobbied in favor of* the bailout. As Roll Call notes:

Rep. Jim Marshall is among the Members who risked political suicide last week by voting in favor of the Wall Street bailout bill. Knowing that decision might be unpopular among voters, the Georgia Democrat took out a campaign ad to explain his vote.

But now the ad is creating controversy because it was filmed at the downtown office of Perkins Coie, a firm that has undertaken lobbying efforts on Capitol Hill.

After all, if there’s any group hated worse than those Wall Street fat cats, it’s lobbyists.

UPDATE: I’m told by some friends on the Budget Committee that Perkins Coie lobbied for the plan, but I can’t find anything substantive, so I’ve struck the line saying they did.


  1. Doug Deal says:

    When the only time you make yourself known as a politician is to let your constituency know that you are smarter than them and vote for something universally unpopular in your district, you deserve to lose.

  2. Toddrob says:

    Shocker- Marshall takes in $600 plus Thousand from the financial industry, votes for the bail out, then goes and films a commerical in his lobbyist buddies office… Sounds like money rules in Marshall land.

  3. Hey, um, Erick? They aren’t a lobbying firm. You’re just assuming that because they are in DC, they are a lobbying firm. The fact is they aren’t. In DC, they are known for their Political Law Group – which is pretty much the best in the country. Their clients include nearly all Democratic Members of Congress, Barack Obama and the DCCC. C’mon, it only takes a 30 second Wikipedia search to figure this stuff out. Calling Perkins Coie a lobbying firm is like calling McDonalds a seafood chain. After all, MickeyD’s has a fish filet on the menu! Look at their revenues… in 2007, out of $394M in gross revenue for Perkins Coie, $340,000 was from lobbying. That’s less than 0.01%.

    You should delete the reference instead of just crossing it out. From what I heard, at the time the NRCC were burning up the phone lines accusing Marshall of filming this in one of the House Office Buildings.

    Are you trying to claim that Marshall was bought? Because I’m saying, and I think just about everyone agrees, that Jim Marshall is influenced by just about no one – especially lobbyists.

    Speaking of lobbyists though, isn’t Rick’s son one? Why, yes, he is: (note: there’s an attachment as well). And don’t they lobby on Financial Services Issues? And didn’t they throw Rick a fundraiser? Maybe Rick has some questions he needs to answer. Too bad nobody in Macon can get him on his cell phone.

  4. Toddrob says:

    Chirs- this is off of Perkin Coie DC based Website- Even Marshall’s office says they lobby… and you dont mention Goddards other son is in the Army… or do you just care about bashing Goddard.

    Government Relations | Overview
    Sometimes the best strategies to protect your business involve working outside the conventional financial and legal world. Decisions that can make or break your company can be made at high levels in Washington, D.C., a state capital, a city hall or by a bureaucrat or regulator. To succeed in these arenas, a business must be able to access the right people and use the access wisely.

    Our group has spent years understanding how government works and developing relationships with its decision makers. Though we specialize in federal relations and are based in Washington, D.C., we operate at all levels of government in many different parts of the country. We have experience in a host of fast-changing legal areas, including natural resources, technology, trade, government contracting, energy and others.

    Successful government relations campaigns require a sound strategy, whether a client’s objective is litigation avoidance, conflict resolution or securing a competitive advantage. In formulating a strategy, often one of the most important services we provide is suggesting a new approach to a client’s problem, one that will save the client time and money as well as a winning solution.

    Supporting our group are the resources of a full-service law firm with more than 650 attorneys. When appropriate, we can utilize these resources to help develop a strategy that minimizes confrontation and maximizes concrete results for a client. In the government arena, everyone knows someone but no one knows everyone. So our attorneys work as a team when deciding who in government to approach and how to use this access to achieve a client’s goals.

  5. If Rick’s son lobbying for Financial Services is supposed to amount to what exactly? Rick is bashing the heck out of the bailout, are you trying to indicate that Financial Services did not want the bailout they begged Paulson for?

    My question is why would he go to a law office to film a commercial? Why not in his office?

  6. Maybe I should have clarified that last statement, I meant to put in another “law” in front of office or at least that is how it played out in my head. But thinking about it, I seriously doubt he has a law office anymore so I suppose I answered my own question.

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