Buzz Brockway Stands Alone Atop Fantasy Football League

Buzz’s team, Obama the Savior, is the lone undefeated team in the Peach Pundit Fantasy Football League.  With last week’s other undefeated team essentially taking the week off (23 points scored by Icarus’ Melted Wings Part II), Buzz leads in total points scored by almost 100 points.  Three teams have a 4-1 record, and in order of points are my Melted Wings, Trevor SOutherland’s Georgia Hope, and Slobberknockers.

We also now only have one more winless team, after previously unvictorious Demonbeck’s Al Smith’s Rabbi had a strong performance against a respectable Smyrna White TrashThat leaves our commissioner, Driving Buddha, and his Kathmandu Sherpas as the sole winless team.  He claims Fantasy Football is his crack.  I hope he’s got good life support equipment nearby.

Other teams winning this week include Doug Deal’s What’s the Deal, DrJay’s Mad Molars, JimDawg0524’s LCDawgs  and JRM2016’s Fountain City Rage.

Typical of a week following a Dawgs loss (luckily, they are rare), my College Pick’m game showed a distinct amount of the Idontgiveadamns.   I appear to have taken myself out of contention with only 4 correct picks, whereas the next lowest score was 7.  This weeks winners were Les Miles Hat, Reclaim Your Republic, and Doug Deal, each with 11 correct.   This leaves Driving Buddha and Les Miles Hat in a tie for the cumulative lead with 70 points.  Fratboy rejects and Riprock are in a distant third place tie at 64 points each.

Given the number of “push” games on the Pro Pick’m side, we all generally had a good week there.  Riprock and Myself both chose 9 games correctly, with Driving Buddha and Son Of Dash both picking 8 correctly.  The result is Me in sole first place with 43 cumulative points, Riprock in second with 42, and Driving Buddha in 3rd with 41. 

UGA gets back to the gridiron on Saturday, playing Fat Fil’s Tenn Volunteers.  Tennessee has won the last two in this series, and Mark Richt has never lost to any coach 3 times in a row.   Let’s just hope UGA isn’t looking ahead to the Vandy game.  (and who would have ever thought that could be a sentence?)

Best of luck to you all and your teams this week, unless your team is Tennessee.


  1. Doug Deal says:

    I think the vig is a term for a commission, usually suggesting an illegal one like in loan sharking or book making.

    Do you mean the “spread”?

  2. The Driving Buddha says:

    The over/under for the number of times both candidates combined not addressing the question is 45 time for the full 90 minutes.

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