Jekyll Island Redevelopment To Be On Much Smaller Scale

Looks like the island residents are happy with the new plan:

“I like what I see,” said Tise Eyler, a resident of the state-owned island who had criticized the initial plan. “They really accommodated us in a lot of ways. They reduced the scope.”

The new plan shrinks the area slated for new construction from 63 acres to 22 acres — the first change since September 2007, when developer Linger Longer Communities was chosen to lead the project

Is this a happy ending, or just a calm in the storm until the economy improves?


  1. atlantaman says:

    It’s fairly amazing the sense of entitlement the “residents”, or renters, on the island have when it comes to the owner of the property they happen to temporarily be leasing.

    They are paying ridiculously low lease amounts and don’t want anyone else to enjoy the island.

    If Cagle wants an idea for his “waste in government” task force he should start with the renters on Jekyll Island and require that they start paying the market rate for their rental properties.

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