Drew, Eckl, & Farnham, LLP and ConnectSouth Get in Bed Together

Interesting. Drew, Eckl, and Farnham, LLP, a big law firm up in Atlanta has decided to launch a “strategic alliance” with ConnectSouth, i.e. Clint Austin, Tony Simon, and Sam Choate.

It looks like there’ll be another lobbying powerhouse at the Capitol this January.


  1. Vic says:

    only one problem, there ain’t no more money to lobby for no more…

    sonnydo and crew need to strip the gold off the gold dome and sell it on the free and open market to subsidize the lobbyists…

  2. Icarus says:

    Oh, lighten up Harry. With either profession, you know someone is getting screwed.

    At least when they tag team, it might be each other.

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