Clayton Schools Get “Alternative” Accreditation; Also Will Buy Coffee Mugs From Michael Scott Proclaiming “World’s Greatest School System”

Why not let students print their own report cards?  It looks like that’s what the county is doing.

The Georgia Accrediting Commission announced that it will accredit Clayton’s 64 schools. The accreditation is retroactive to July 1, 2008 and is valid for five years, said Carvin Brown, GAC’s executive director.

What the heck is the “Georgia Accrediting Commission”?  I hope Erick is still looking for launch codes.


  1. Blake says:

    They look venerable:

    That’s all I’ve done though, look it up & speed-read a few lines.

    As long as Clayton carries through on its pledge to reaccreditate by the end of this year, I’ll give them a pass. If they do that, they win retroactive accreditation anyway. In the meantime, it protects the students who through no individual fault might be ineligible for college scholarships.

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