Rain, rain, go away, send some gas instead

Good grief.

Like soft rain on parched ground, gasoline has continued to pour into metro Atlanta only to be quickly absorbed.

Hundreds of service stations remained closed Monday, while drivers flocked to those still open —- and companies struggled to keep up.

QuikTrip, for instance, managed Monday to get gasoline to more than half of its Atlanta stores, said spokesman Michael Thornbrugh. “The problem is that just as soon as you get a store filled with product, it’s gone.”

I had to make a quick trip up to ATL yesterday and made sure to fill up in Macon first. Sure enough, all the stations I passed in Atlanta were out.


  1. drjay says:

    is it like this in other parts of the state or just atl–we seem to have plenty of gas in sav’h–but that may just be b/c of our diet, a few places have been out of premium, but we have enough regular unleaded that i was unable to use lack of petrol as a reason to not cut grass saturday…

  2. MediaGuyAtl says:

    Cagle finally got approval for extra tankers to bring product from the port in Mobile. Plus, I heard at Noon that the Colonial pipeline is finally running at 100%. Might be one more week before we’re totally back to normal. Quick Trip is saying they should be back to 100% stocked by late tomorrow. Hope that’s true!

    No shortages in Florida and Alabama since they have ports with gasoline terminals. Georgia, Tennessee and the Carolina’s depend on the pipelines from Louisiana and Texas. Maybe we could build a refinery here in Georgia. Good luck with the EPA and Environmental lobbyists on that one.

  3. jsm says:

    There are benefits to living near Lula after all. The little Shell station up the street has had all grades both times I stopped by since these lines started forming. At 10pm, there was no line either time.

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