I Still Have An Undefeated Team I Can Pull For

No, It’s not the Republicans or the Bulldogs.  Neither of those teams deserves to be undefeated after this week’s performance.

My Melted Wings Part II Fantasy Football team finished week 4 undefeated, as did the first place (by points) team of Obama The Savior coached byBuzz Brockway.   Last week’s other undefeated team, Peach State Punisher, took a tough loss at the hands of Gilbert Valdez’s 4th Ward Bruisers. 

A special word of condolence to our league commissioner, Driving Buddha, as his re-branded Katmandu Sherpas are winless to this point.  Also winless is Demonbeck’s Al Smith’s Rabbi, though I have to question how hard he is trying, given that 5 of his starters and one benched player had bye weeks last week.  A clear in-kind nondisclosed gift to JimDawg0524’sLCDawgs. 

Other winning teams this week include Slobberknockers, Chuck Efstration’s The Mike Smith Era, Trevor SOutherland’s Georgia Hope, and John Konop’s Bearcats.

We all stunk up the joint for this week’s College Pick’em.

Riprock managed to suck the least, getting 9 games correct.  Les Miles’ Hat and Fratboy Rejects managed to call 8 correct.  Obama The Savior and Chatham Dog pulled 7.  I won’t call out our team member that managed 4 correct picks, but if you want to identify yourself in the comments, feel free.    Driving Buddha remains in first place in the cumulative standings, while Les Miles Hatpulled into sole possession of second place, leaving me in third.

Now let’s see here, haven’t even checked the Pro Pick’em results yet.   Hey, not bad.  Driving Buddha won the week with 10 points, I was second with 9, and Riprock and UglyDawgtied for third with7 points.  That gives us a three way tie for cumulative score with Me, UglyDawg, and Slobberknockers tied at 34 points, with Driving Buddha and Riprock on our heals at 33 each. 

I guess I should address The UGA/Bama “game” from Saturday.   We got beat.  On Saturday, Bama was a better team.  As Debbie pointed out, we seemed to be more concerned with our wardrobe than our line.  We motivated the other team, while we relied on a gimmick that we’ve done the last 3 of 5 games we had the opportunity to wear Black.   Congrats to Bama.  You came into our house and left with a victory.  I’m not happy about it, but don’t intend to whine about it either.  We get to lick our wounds this week, and hopefully will take it out on Tennessee next week.

That’s all for now, get your picks in for this week.   And if anyone needs a Fantasy QB, make me an interesting offer for Trent Edwards.


  1. The Driving Buddha says:

    Yes, I am tied for last place (in fantasy footbal). For that, I blame gas supplies, bad loans, my debate prep team, and a media bias against me.

    And, yes, I am in first place (in college pick ’em). That’s just cause I’m that good.

  2. Trevor Southerland says:

    I spend half my life trying to tell people my name is “Southerland” not “Sutherland” all because one of my drunken Scottish ancestors was too drunk to know how to spell his name right when they asked for it…


    Oh well, hey… it’s after 1:00 PM… time for a drink! 🙂

  3. Icarus says:

    Sorry, I posted this after 11:00am, which means, after my Bloody Mary breakfast, and during my pre-lunch gin and tonic.

    I’ll edit above, and probably make it worse.

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