Perdue asks Bush to open Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

Via Creative Loafing:

“As President Bush and Congress work on a plan to rescue our financial markets, I urge them to also focus on our fuel shortage in the Southeast,” Perdue said in a release. “As refinery capacity is returning to pre-hurricane levels, I believe a surge in crude from the Reserve would bridge the gap until full production resumes and lessen the impact of shortages on the daily lives of our citizens.”

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 57.4 percent of crude oil production in the Gulf of Mexico is out, a slight improvement from Friday. Three refineries re-opened over the weekend; two refineries remain completely shut down. Oil is on the way, they say.


  1. Bill Simon says:

    Someone edu-macate me:

    1) Where is the SPR located?

    2) How would oil from the SPR get to our refineries?

    3) Has anyone else heard that the problem that exists is due to lack of raw oil being fed into the refineries?

  2. Icarus says:

    I was looking for the data a few minutes ago, but unless I read something wrong yesterday, transfers are already happening.

    It’s spotty, but yes, there are places where this would be helpful. Both refineries and oil platforms were knocked off line by the hurricane. They’re not going to come back on at the same pace as each other. It should be easy for the SPR to “loan” oil to these refineries, to be replaced at a time when there is less stress on the system. I belive it’s a fairly routine practice.

  3. fishtail says:

    Last Friday Sonny said there was no fuel crisis in Atlanta. I guess he changed his mind while he’s lying around the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Madrid, waiting to go to dinner with the fat-cat Spaniards who he’s getting to build toll roads in Georgia.

  4. Technocrat says:

    As of today, 4.65 million barrels have been lent out from US-SOR with the first restock [2 million ] scheduled for Jan 09.

    Unfortunately 60% , 422 million of the 702 million reserve barrels are low quality, high sulfur – SOUR CRUDE.

    The current 702 Million represents < 57 days of import protection assuming all the SOUR* can be used.

    The reserve is filled to 96.56% of capacity [727 +- a barrel].

    *SOUR + Sweet must be mixed to feed refinery…only CITGO and a few other can deal with pure SOUR.

  5. IcarusDadsStepSon says:

    What a ‘duefuss. For now on the GOP only get to nominate Presidents and Governors after the libertarians and conservatives vet them first. I am so tired of economic and Constitutional ignorance. This way, if we’re lucky enough to get them elected, we’ll have at least won something.

  6. tb says:

    saxby needs to listen to newt gingrich on the economy. Newt is supposed to be on o’reilly tonight. Maybe he’ll get a word in edge wise.

  7. Just the Facts Please says:

    The oil companies are buying refined gasoline and will begin putting it in the pipeline. Don’t know if the tankers have arrived in gulf ports yet.

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