1. Chris says:

    Federal Bailout!

    Its vital for the survival of the Republic for the Golden Sleeze award to be issued every year!

  2. Icarus says:

    But why give the bailout to the corporate titans, Chris? It’s the readers, the working people, that will suffer. I think the federal government should step in and provide each and every Atlantan with a list of what’s cool, and where the good places to eat are. Now THAT would be an entertaining read.

    In all seriousness, good luck to the folks at CL. I hope you’re able to execute your turnaround plan in swift time, and look forward to continuting to read your stuff.

  3. Bill Simon says:

    I’m amazed that left-wingers think it’s okay to “file for bankruptcy.”

    Why, that is exactly what big-time greedy corporate rich people do to avod paying off their debts.

    But, now we have a big-time left-wing commie-pinko-run news outlet resorting to such a legal maneuver.

    Maybe the City of Atlanta will buy them…?

  4. As both a former staffer for the Red and Black (another free paper run totally on ad revenues) and the winner of a Golden Sleeze Award, CL does provide an important viewpoint on many issues. Plus, there is no other publication I would turn to first to find out what’s happening around Atlanta.

    Good luck getting things straightened out!

  5. I don’t really read it, I just wanted Thomas to feel better. However, a free paper like CL is great if you need a lot of free newspaper to cover the carpet while painting, or if you need to cover the garage floor while doing an oil change.

    Erick uses it to track down and shut down massage parlors in his distict.

  6. Demonbeck says:

    I thought this thread was going to have a recipe for soy-based cheese spread on a slice of organic whole grain bread.

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