Bailing out on the Bailout

House voted it down, 205 to 228.

The Ayes were 140 Democrats, 65 Republicans
The Nays where 95 Democrats, 133 Republicans.

Looks like both sides thought this bill was a pile of dung.

From Georgia:

  • Bishop
  • Marshall


  • Broun
  • Linder
  • Price
  • Westmoreland
  • Deal
  • Kingston
  • Gingrey
  • Lewis
  • Johnson
  • Scott
  • Barrow

Here ya go Mountian Thinker, the roll call

The incompetents in congress had it labeled wrong on Thomas.


  1. Doug Deal says:


    Looks like both sides thought this bill was a pile of dung.

    Really. If it was a Constitutional amendment, the Dems margin would have passed it. Hardly the pile of dung the Republicans thought that it was.

  2. Doug Deal says:

    Ah, you posted the results in a wierd way. It looked like the Democrats voted 140-65. Then I added them up and realized I misread your post.

    Still, the Dems nearly passed it via a 60% supermajority. The GOP only gave it about a 32% vote. Sholdn’t this qualify as a no-confidence vote on the GOP leadership? It is time to get rid of the leftovers from the last leadership shakedown out and get new people in.

  3. tb says:

    Well, now we will all have to wait and see. It was the biggest pile of Dung I have ever seen in recent memory. The markets will go haywire, but ceste la vie.

  4. StevePerkins says:

    Oh, I never understood all the whining about focus on Georgia politics. Honestly now, grift… just accept the fact that Georgia political types aren’t interested in talking about ANYTHING this week other than the financial crisis or the local gas crisis.

    Well, there’s UGA losing to Bama… but college football is already an established loophole.

  5. griftdrift says:

    I’m just pointing out Steve that it seems that since the “laying down of the law” the non-Georgia focus has grown exponentially.

    I don’t really care. As far as I’m concerned, y’all can talk Strawberry Shortcake 24/7 if you want.

  6. Icarus says:

    I think the Peculiar Purple Pie Man will eventually get Strawberry Shortcake. He’ll probably sneak up on her when she’s listening to a Toby Keith Song or watching the Georgia Gang.

  7. Tinkerhell says:

    heh. Marshall’s local office didnt’ even know which way he voted on it, had to call the DC office.

    I was already going to vote for Goddard. This just confirms that decision.

  8. Icarus says:

    And back to the actual topic for a brief moment,

    According to Yahoo Finance, the vote is still open. There’s some arms being twisted this afternoon.

  9. Ga Values says:


    What is the GENERAL’s position on this Taxpayer Ripoff, it was my understanding that as Saxby’s boy he was also for the bill? I don’t like Marshall but Goddard is part of the big spending, big government, pro amnest wing of the RINO party. Until Goddard agrees to sign the No Earmark Pledge, I probably won’t vote for him. What do you know I don’t know?

  10. Bill Simon says:

    Has Bush resorted to his pet names for the legislators…

    “Hey, Tommy Pee…c’mon, vote for me one more time…(Tom Price)

    “Hey, Jacky K…c’mon, vote for me one more time…(Jack Kingston)

    “Heyyyy…Saxby…c’mon…oh, wait, I know I have you on my side, Saxby…I can feel your lips on my rear end right now…you’re so fine…

  11. tb says:

    You gotta Love it.. Barney Frank on TV says he will take the year off if he is wrong that the economy is headed for a disaster.

    And now the fingerpointing by the REpubs too. They all need to SHUT UP

  12. slyram says:

    You know what’s going on here: save yourself at all cost. If the minority leader and the sitting President can’t control the Republican conference and that many Dems voted against it, members are thinking that someone else you pass this but I can’t take this hit while people are voting at home.

    I blogged on my blog about the 1993 Clinton budget vote that cost the Dems the House. At the end of the day, some feel you need to save yourself.

  13. Old Vet says:

    Congress couldn’t agree on how to pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were printed on the heel. They couldn’t agree on a recipet for instant coffee. Maybe we’re better off with nothing than with anything they could agree on.

  14. Ga Values says:


    I don’t think much of Marshal but I have talked with the GENERAL several times & think even less of him.. Do you know his position on the bail out? Is he with Saxby or the Real Republicans in the House?

  15. bpolitical says:

    One of the more interesting votes that has not been mentioned is the “Nay” vote by Democrat John Barrow. The CW is that the 12th district is leaning his way by a decent margin. His vote was obviously in response to constituent feedback and not his own ideological judgment.

  16. North Ga Indy says:

    Hhmmmm, Congressmen Deal, Broun, Linder, and Kingston voted against The Bailout Plan. But why, our economy is in a Great Recession?

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