1. SOWEGA_GOP says:

    I think that UGA would win if they played again. In fact, the two will meet again in December, and UGA will win.

  2. Trevor Southerland says:

    I hope Alabama goes undefeated and is #1 in the nation come December so we can have a true shot at ruining their season in Atlanta.

  3. debbie0040 says:

    ROLL TIDE !!!!!!!!

    I dedicate the song in this link to all you Saban haters:

    Just in the Nick of Time


    Mark Richt and Georgia spent more time on their apparel than they did preparing for the game.

    On the tide sports blogs, you could easily tell it was motivating Saban and the Bama players. This morning talk was how Saban was happy they won but he was pretty well ticked off at the way they played the second half. Word is that Saban will teach them not to lose intensity just because they are way ahead. Practice will be tough this week.

    Georgia could very easily bounce back. I don’t believe any SEC team will be undefeated this year. And I don’t believe Alabama is ready to contend for a national championship this year. Next year, yes.


  4. atlantaman says:

    To say UGA would win if they had played again, after one of the biggest ass whipins in a Top 10 game I’ve ever seen, is wishful thinking. There is now way you could walk away from that utter domination of the first half, and Bama just trying to play defense and run the clock out in the second half, and regard it as a fluke. Either UGA was overrated or Bama was underrated.

    Who knows, after playing the rest of the schedule, and assuming UGA and Bama both make it to the Championship game (now that UGA has a SEC loss their chances are less likely than Bama’s of making it to the Championship), maybe UGA can beat Bama .

  5. yellowb says:

    And once again, for the team in the state that has gone the longest without a National Championship, UGA has been found wanting.

  6. atlantaman says:

    No question UGA has higher academic standards than Bama. When you essentially give your education away for free, it drives up the demand, and gives UGA a larger pool of applicants to choose from. The students who were going out of state to schools like UNC and UVA, can not afford to pass up an education financed by morons addicted to gambling.

  7. Bill Simon says:

    Heyyyy, someone needs to ask the Gubner and his sidekick, Bert Brantley, how they feel now about not cancelling the game on account of what will become a state of emergency in the next week when gas stations DO NOT “recover” in “5 days” as all the data intelligence the Gubner and his staff of policy ain’ts (as opposed to “wonks”) have relied on for decision-making ain’t worth a plumb nickel?

  8. liberator says:

    The payback in December will be hades folks! Georgia won 30-10 in the second half and this will carry over in the SEC Title game. If we have only one loss then and whip Bama as we will we will play for the national title against Missouri or Oklahoma! This Bama win was a fluke as we will show in December!

  9. Bill Simon says:


    Without no gasoline, there ain’t gonna be no busses taking no players to any away games.

    But…keep dreaming…maybe UGA Dawgs will be able to beat their opponents over the Web…

  10. Okay, #1 USC was beaten by a non-ranked team.
    #4 UF was beaten by an unranked team.

    Furthermore, LSU suffered one lose to another SEC school in the regular season, went on to win the SEC Championship and still became national champions.

    But I think ESPN puts it in perspective the best here:

    “Overall, nine ranked teams lost, six to unranked foes.

    The last time such a shake-up occurred? One year ago, when in the last week of September three of the top-five teams fell and seven ranked teams lost to unranked opponents.”

    There is still a lot of football to play. If Georgia beats Vandy, UT, and UF, it still represents the East in the SEC Champaionship game. As long as UGA has no more than 2 losses, we should still be contenders.

    So last night ended an 11 game win streak. When was the last time Tech went 11 straight?

  11. Bill Simon says:

    Cobb Needless,

    Let’s be frank here: YOU folks in the “SEC” are always yapping about how podunk the ACC is.

    So, don’t compare UGA to Tech…because you don’t care otherwise.

    Compare UGA to Alabama….stick with dealing in your own conference.

  12. atlantaman says:

    I think you’re making a mistake if you try and isolate the second half of the game as a 30-10 win as if it were played in a vacuum. Any given team is going to have a much different strategy if they start the second half with a 31-0 lead, than if they were starting a game from scratch.

  13. Icarus says:

    Icarus just got back in from a 1,000+ mile road trip this weekend. He is tired. He will make the following comment, and try to address the many others posted here and on on other threads by late tomorrow:

    For once, I agree with Debbie’s analysis. We got whipped on the lines, but gave the opposition their motivation for the week. I disagree that ‘Bama isn’t a potential #1 this year. They’ve got just as good of a chance as any one else at the moment.


  14. Game Fan says:

    I vote they reserve the black jerseys for Auburn, Florida, or Tennessee. These are the real S.O.B.s UGA can’t stand loosing to. Of course then someone like Vandy or Boston College would always bite us in the ass. Just one perspective here. Don’t crawl up my ass with details. This was a long time ago.

  15. debbie0040 says:

    I don’t have the arrogance to think Alabama will win in the rest of their games nor play for the national championship. I hope they do but am being relistic. We have to focus on winning one game at a time and we face Kentucky next. They upset Florida last year and could easily upset Bama. We have some tough game son the schedule: Ole Miss (Could upset), Tennessee, LSU, Miss State(They always give Bama a tough time), and Auburn.

    You Georgia fans mock Tech about not haqving an 11 game winning streak but they won the last national championship.

    Georgia is facing a “murders row” schedule:
    They have a week off to recover from the Alabama game, then they play: Tennessee, Vanderbilt, LSU @ Baton Rouge, Florida, Kentucky, Auburn and then Tech.

    Don’t discount Tech, they could defeat Georgia this year. I think that Georgia will lose another game with that schedule.

    To point to the 2nd half and say that Georgia won the 2nd half is asinine. The final score is what counts. After Bama jumped out to a 31 point lead at half time, they just came back in and coasted to victory. (Coach Saban was more than a little upset at that) Alabama did score 10 in the 2nd half points to put the game out of reach for Georgia. When Alabama needed to dominate, they did. They just di dot feel the need to run up the score on Georgia.

  16. debbie0040 says:

    Polls shake up, and Bama should make you afraid. Very afraid.

    By Matt Hinton Rivals.com

    On the same weekend we huddle around the mangled remains of USC and Florida’s national ambitions, it’s also an occasion to embrace the balance in nature, the circle of life, yin and yang, the energy that can be neither created nor destroyed, etc. Yes, the same catchphrases you learned in chemistry class, your local head shop and various Elton John songs can be applied to the polls, too, where some championship contenders die — for the time being, anyway — and new ones rise to assume the glories and burdens of life at the top. Exeunt Southern Cal, Georgia and Florida, entrer Penn State and Alabama. Along with Oklahoma’s ascension to No. 1, it’s feeling very 1979 up in here.

    Forgive the suggestion that the Tide and Lions — or Sooners, or anyone else — might be destined for something. Fate is a cruel myth, as the Trojans and Gators can well attest this morning, and as Bama, PSU, Oklahoma, Missouri and LSU have two months still to learn, with freshly-affixed targets on their backs.

    If you’re looking to anoint the winners of September, though, no other frontrunners look quite so well-adjusted as the surprises, the Tide and Lions. Alabama, especially, has not only dominated two top ten opponents on neutral and hostile turf. but put them away quickly, convincingly, precisely according to the template Nick Saban established for LSU’s championship run in 2003: a steady, efficient, veteran quarterback, backed by a run-first philosophy and a committee of strong runners that eat up the clock; and more importantly, a dominant defensive line that takes away the running game immediately.

    Against two of the most dynamic backfields in America, the Tide front seven has been virtually perfect. Clemson logged exactly zero yards on the ground on opening night, and Georgia ran up all of 50 on Saturday. All together, James Davis, C.J. Spiller and Knowshon Moreno combined for 56 yards on 17 carries, and because they were rendered so obsolete so quickly, Cullen Harper and Matt Stafford were inevitably pounded into hamburger as the game wore on and comeback lights grew dim. Stafford held up much better Saturday than Harper earlier in the year, but Big Matt, too, was hit, flustered and frustrated into his share of desperate, off-balance, sure-to-end-badly throws. It’s by his golden arm alone that not every one ended badly, but Bama won’t see another limb even in Stafford’s ballpark for the rest of the regular season, if it sustains the same level of pressure.

    In fact, this is the template — steady, senior quarterback making a dramatic leap forward, deep backfield, hellacious front seven — that’s defined all of the SEC’s best teams this decade, from LSU in ’03 to Auburn in ’04 to Florida in ’06 and LSU last year. Unlike any of those teams, Bama’s already handled its toughest test on the road (albeit with Baton Rouge still to come) apparently has not just an adequate offensive line, but a potentially legendary bunch of maulers at their current pace. The front five are deservedly the stars of the offense.

    If borderline teams like Alabama and Penn State have to “pay their dues” before they’re allowed into the discussion for No. 1, certainly both teams put down whatever was left on their tab Saturday. Does it matter that the Tide struggled mightily on offense against Tulane? Possibly — John Parker Wilson will be called on eventually to pull a win back from the edge of a cliff in the fourth quarter, a feat he’s pulled off exactly once (last year against Arkansas) in two full years and at least a half dozen game-saving opportunities as a starter. The jury remains largely out on the Lions until they manage trips to Wisconsin and Ohio State. Both teams have long-standing streaks to bust to get anywhere: PSU has been consistently routed in Columbus since joining the Big Ten and hasn’t beaten Michigan anywhere in more than a decade; Alabama is 0-10 since 2003 against LSU and Auburn.

    We’ll look back at Halloween and see if any of this talk still makes any sense; in retrospect, it rarely does. For now, though, revise your expectations accordingly.

  17. debbie0040 says:

    This is for all you Tech fans:


    Authorities arrested Alabama head coach Nick Saban in the predawn
    hours Monday at his home in Tuscaloosa on animal cruelty charges.

    Saban, 56, was charged with 85 counts of animal cruelty in an alleged
    attack which occurred Saturday night in Athens, Georgia.

    Police said that as many as 92,138 witnesses saw Saban and a large group of violent young men under his control hit, kick, crush and destroy a large pack of mostly-docile bulldogs.

    One officer was quoted as saying, “I haven’t seen bulldogs treated this badly
    since the Michael Vick case.

    Roll Tide Roll!

  18. Demonbeck says:

    “Debbie, that was great. One of the better post I’ve read since coming to PP. ”

    My head just exploded.

  19. Bill Simon says:

    First Icarus’s head exploded, then Demonbeck’s.

    “But, Officer…we couldn’t find any brains after their heads exploded…”

    “That’s okay, Ma’m. We get this problem a lot with graduates of UGA…”

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