1. Demonbeck says:

    McCain’s jokes have fallen flat all night, but Obama is starting to stutter. This is starting to get good.

  2. StevePerkins says:

    This is a contest to see who can be the most boring and evasive while the other guy stands there and smirks the whole time. Jeeze guys… if you can’t say anything substantial, at least start dropping some decent zingers.

  3. StevePerkins says:

    McCain’s being a pansy. Barack cuts him off with confidence, and interjects “That’s not true” every 30 seconds during McCain’s bits. McCain meanwhile just sits there and lets Obama go on for minutes at a time.

  4. bucky says:

    To quote my deceased friend Richard Turner, “All black folks ain’t angels, and all white folks ain’t the devil.”. It’s a tie so far.

  5. StevePerkins says:

    A little eye contact wouldn’t kill him either. Obama stares right at him and addresses him directly as “John”, whereas McCain looks off in the opposite direction the entire time. Jeeze, McCain… you’re a 72-year old soldier and this guy’s just a young empty suit… show a little presence, will ya?

  6. Progressive Dem says:

    McCain must have seen todays polls on the plane ride to Oxford. He is making a big play for Jewish votes in Florida. He has brought up the spector of Israel being wiped out twice.

  7. bucky says:

    McCain had a good opening there on the Russia-Georia issue. Had he been Reagan, it woud’ve been a zinger. Alas.

  8. StevePerkins says:

    McCain looking at Obama, addressing him directly, and saying “Oh PLEASE…” with a scoff has been his high-water mark of the night. He’s explicitly referenced Obama’s “naivety” twice now, and I think it’s been pretty effective for him. Obama got a bit off-balance there.

  9. StevePerkins says:

    I get amused by Obama’s facial expressions when he gets pissed off and wants to interrupt McCain. His face contorts between fury and flashing a big Joker-style smile at Jim Leher, then back to fury. I thought McCain was the one with temper issues?

  10. ReaganRepublican says:

    McCain will move up in polls. This will end up being a blow out….. The McCain/ Palin administration will restore integrity and honor to the white house and the GOP in 2009….

  11. North Ga Indy says:

    I thought McCain did very well, he should move up in the polls. I have heard lots of harsh criticism of how McCain did at the debate(the scumbags at Swing State Project anyone). Anyhow, McCain will get a bounce and win on Election Day.

  12. StevePerkins says:

    Come on now, people. This was the friendliest ground that McCain will have to stand on. As the next two debates shift to economics, McCain’s going to struggle as the bailout scandal continues to drag on. McCain probably won this debate (to the extent there WAS a “winner”), but it was no huge knockout blow.

  13. Doug Deal says:


    I am unconvinced that Obama will outperform on the economy. Just because voters think they support the Democrats on economic issues when polled now (the press tells them repeatedly they do, so why not believe it) does not mean that they will support what he says at the debate.

    People are still distrustful of government, and the amount that might be spent on this bailout will not make them very receptive to big government programs which is pretty much all that the Dems have to offer on the economy.

    Plus, all the pre-debate hype will be about how much better Obama should do, which means the expectations games goes the opposite way.

  14. StevePerkins says:

    I hope you’re right… and if McCain has a pair, he’ll be aggressive with the fact that creating the Fannie/Freddie system was a left-wing cause in the first place. However, the campaign has really let Obama take ownership of the perception that the current system is “Republican policy”. I think all the nonsense with McCain flying in and out of Washington and trying to postpone the debate was a miscalculated distraction… they’re really going to need to tighten up.

  15. Doug Deal says:


    I too thought the debate debacle was a mistake as well. I also do not think that it is guarenteed that McCain will do better in the mind of the viewers in the coming debates, I just think that it is not clear that Obama will.

  16. tb says:

    Disappointed that McCain was not desisive concerning the bailout. Is he for it, is he against it, what solutions would he like to see,,, etc.

    But I do like the fact he keeps mentioning corruption and we will know their name.

  17. Progressive Dem says:


    Did you see the Palin Couric interview? Wow. She is so confused. Her answers are all over the board. Check this out:

  18. Game Fan says:

    These two are a couple of elitist garbage puppet phonies. As if real conservatives gave a rat’s ass whether McCain wins. Not long ago many neocons including Ann Coulter were supporting Hillary over McCain. Because he’s more liberal than Hillary. At least this is the reason they gave. Of course the folks on the “inside” never even acknowledged what average Americans were concerned about: Bush/Clinton/Bush/Clinton. Guess they missed that one, eh?

  19. yellowb says:

    I think that McCain had a good debate. He hammered home all night that Obama “does not understand” and yet, Obama did not defend that at anytime. I believe McCain needed to nip it in the bud real quick at the beginning of the debate over the economic problem, but he did not do the greatest of jobs saying why cutting of corporate taxes was so important. A problem with the debate though. I doubt that many people even watched it on a Friday night, and without being any headlines, this does not help McCain.

  20. Game Fan says:

    McCain is way too liberal for me. I’m going with Joad Cressbeckler.

    But seriously…
    I only caught a couple of minutes of the debate but apparently McCain wanted to do some more “centralizing” with some agencies that weren’t doing their jobs. (Has Homeland Security got those computers talking to each other yet?) Meanwhile Obama has capitalized on some of the new “bottom up” sentiment as well as the “local community” concept. It’s too bad Republicans have allowed left wing socialists to monopolize this stuff.

  21. Harry says:


    You may not be aware that the Palin Couric interview was spliced in order to make Palin’s answers look foolish and confused.

  22. Harry says:

    What Obama said about corporate taxes was misleading. Corporate tax rates in the Us are among the highest in the world, and although “loopholes” and deductions help somewhat to mitigate the tax load, keep in mind that other countries are not without such as well. There is no question that profitable US corporations – that is, the ones we want to keep here – pay huge federal income taxes.

  23. Harry says:

    We’ve had a Russian here for accounting software training during the last week, and she knows very little of US politics but we watched the debate last night. Her comment: McCain is pro-military and more intelligent than Obama.

  24. Bill Simon says:


    Obviously she’s a closet racist.

    “More intelligent” is code for “Obama is not as intelligent as a white person” (this is how people like Rugbyfan, Konop, Chrisishardcore, Decaturguy, and Progressive Dem would interpret her observations).

  25. Progressive Dem says:

    Hey Harry,

    You should explain your conspiracy theory to National Review columnist Kathleen Parker. http://article.nationalreview.com/?q=MDZiMDhjYTU1NmI5Y2MwZjg2MWNiMWMyYTUxZDkwNTE=#more

    National Review isn’t exactly liberal, but she says if BS was currency, Palin could bail out Wall Street herself. She goes on to say Palin should quit.

    Bernie Goldberg in reviewing the interview and the above column didn’t buy into any malicious editing either. He said the interview was “overall fair and legitimate”

  26. tb says:

    And How Many Gaffes’ has Biden Made?!!

    Granted Palin needs to bone up and prepare, she did not do well in that interview.

  27. Progressive Dem says:

    Biden can make 20 gaffes, and so could John McCain, and it wouldn’t change people’s opinion very much.

    However when you are new to the scene you have to prove yourself, and demonstrate you know what you’re talking about. Biden and McCain have a 20 year history. Sarah Palin and Obama do not. Obama has been interviewed 100’s if not 1000’s of times. Palin did an infomercial with Hannity and 2 interviews with Gibson and Couric. There is no indication they will let her appear on Meet the Press while Biden would jump at the opportunity to do a Sunday talk show.

    The woman is a great campaigner and she may be a reasonabley good governor, but she is not prepared for the VP job and the McCain campaign through its actions is saying she isn’t capable of proving herself with press interviews.

  28. Harry says:

    Based on her interview with Couric, Palin is just as qualified to be president as is Obama. Again, I think her interview was just fine, and I believe she’ll do just fine against Biden.

  29. bowersville says:

    I have reconsidered and I think we have all been looking at this the wrong way.

    I believe Saturday Night Live got it right. We need to elect Obama directly meet with the Russians, Chinese, Koreans, Iranians and Osama Bin Laden.

    Once Obama meets with them he can play the race card, that will intimidate them and put them on the defensive.

  30. rugby fan says:

    The serious candidacy continues.

    Does she know what she is talking about? Does she know what McCain believes?

    Does anyone consider her a legitimate candidate for VP? Does anyone think she is not wholly incompetent?

  31. boyreporter says:

    Yes, Rugby, the Kool-Ade (Is that the way to spell ur? Been so long) drinkers fervently believe it. That’s a pretty good litmus test for lunacy. It’s helpful to be able to spot them, but depressing all the same.

  32. Bill Simon says:


    Compared to the alternative of Obama-Biden, she’s head-and-shoulders above competent.

    Oh yeah…and, as far as “Newsweek” goes….I consider their reporting to be about as reliable as I do the Cuban News Network.

  33. rugby fan says:

    See Bill that is the thing. That wasn’t a reporter or a report for Newsweek (and I guess I could ask if you have a general sense of disdain for all news outlets or if you have any specific evidence that would question Newsweek’s credibility. I won’t because I have had enough tripe for this weekend).

    It was however, an opinion from someone who is largely regarded as one of the preeminent experts on international affairs. Now if you want to engage in anti-intellectualism and call him a ninny that is fine. But it doesn’t discredit the fact that Palin clearly doesn’t grasp some of the major issues facing us today, and more importantly doesn’t even know what her campaign believes.

    So, if she doesn’t know what McCain believes as a candidate, how will that be beneficial if they are President and VP?

    I bring that up because she will be a high level diplomatic envoy (one would think) and if she brings this cavalier attitude towards our diplomatic efforts (which will happen, whether you think diplomacy is good or bad) it will most assuredly backfire by either saying something controversial and doomed to failure, or presenting two contrasting views from within the administration.

    Now, let me highlight why that will be problematic. Suppose we are trying to get Pakistan’s help with rounding up terrorists (practically a necessity if we wish to win the GWOT). You make sure that happens by talking to Pakistani leaders. Now, let’s see how much help we get if Zardari is under the impression we won’t be striking Pakistan unilaterally (an asinine idea on so many levels) but Palin comes in and says “well, we feel it is in our best interest if we are allowed to perform our own military actions in Pakistan”. Whoops.

  34. Progressive Dem says:

    Let’s face it, we won’t see much of Palin this week. After the debate she’ll have to prepare for the upcoming nuptuals. Then Cheney will have to finish showing her the undisclosed locations. She might do a Rush Limbaugh show before the election, but I guarantee you that she will not do a Meet the Press.

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