1. slyram says:

    The Dulles Toll Road was pretty cool in D.C.

    From Wikipedia

    The Dulles Toll Road is an eight-lane, 16.15-mile[1][2] (25.99 km) toll road. It was built in 1984 by the Virginia Department of Transportation. It begins just inside the Capital Beltway near Falls Church at a connector to Interstate 66 to Washington, D.C., travels westward through Fairfax County past Dulles Airport, and terminates at the entrance to the Dulles Greenway, a privately owned toll road.

  2. Game Fan says:

    These politicians and bureaucrats are helpless hapless and hopeless. Open borders fiscal disasters, and the red carpet to a foreign conglomerate to take over our interstate system. People who look at this as just a state wide issue or an Atlanta issue haven’t really bothered to “follow the money” with these “think tanks” and “working groups”. But of course they’ve got their “legislative skills” up for sale to the highest bidder. Which of course many times entails “no-bid contracts” and “cost overruns”. But hey, that’s OK. Their “conservative” war chest is bigger than ever now. How pathetic.

  3. Dave Bearse says:

    The upfront cash received for a long term lease of an existing facility is comparable to a refi mortgage that takes equity out of a home for spending money.

    Perdue after six years has no transportation plan or vision, so we’ll be getting seat of the pants borrow and spend GOP fiscal conservatism.

  4. Game Fan says:

    IMHO best case scenario is when every step of the process (with roads and bridges) should be in the form of a “competitive bid”. Otherwise ideally politicians and C.E.O.s wouldn’t even talk to each other. Once we’re on the hook with the “toll road giant” (Cintras) they have us by the u no whats. No I’m not advocating some type of “McCain Feingold”. In fact, I have no idea how to address lobbyists/large corporate interests.

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