Perdue headed for Europe

The Governor is leading a delegation to try to drum up some business:

“Our nation’s softening economy has intensified the competition among states for economic development prospects,” Perdue said. “We will continue our successful push for new jobs and investment from European companies eager to invest in the American market.”

From Sept. 27 – Oct. 3, Perdue will meet with economic development prospects and visit some of the world’s top companies in transportation infrastructure and financing. The trip’s itinerary covers stops in Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon and Milan, where the Georgia delegation will meet with companies and government officials.


  1. fishtail says:

    I notice that Gena Abrams-Evans is going on Sonny’s trip to Spain…KEY QUESTION…is Mike Evans going on the trip?…if so, are Georgia’s taxpayers footing the bill for their European honeymoon?

  2. Progressive Dem says:

    Newsflash to Gov. Purdue:

    Economic development starts with a world class education system. The days of hunting for industry with a large under-educated labor force (even if it is non-union) as bait are long gone.

    After Sonny finishs doing something for education except cutting the budget, somebody should tell him that the state under his leadership has frittered away the advantage Georgia once had in transportation.

    Heck-of-a-job Sonny! How’s that fishing project working out?

  3. Game Fan says:

    re: “Economic developmant prospects”:

    Transportation >> commerce >> not necessarily related to productivity. I’m all for increasing productivity and not necessarily becoming a stopping point for global commerce. Or begging for federal money either. I hope they bring some pecan products to Europe. That is if they’re really interested in Georgia. (psssst. Atlanta is always going to be a hub for global commerce—location, location, location)

  4. fishtail says:

    Another concern…since Obama is riding an apparently insurmountable surge that will carry him into the White House in 40 days, is Sonny going to Spain to seek political asylum to avoid criminal prosecution for his illegal land deals at DisneyWorld and Oakey Woods?

  5. Bill Simon says:

    PD Sez: “Economic development starts with a world class education system. ”

    Right…so, why didn’t your “progressive” Democrat leaders, who OWNED this state for 100+ friggin’ years BUILD one?

  6. Progressive Dem says:

    For most of the past 150 years the Democratic party in Georgia wasn’t progressive. Southern Democrats were just like conservative Republicans. Note the nurmerous defections and easy conversion of southern Democrats to conservative Republicans, including our beloved Governor.

  7. Bill Simon says:


    Okay…so, can you give me a compare-contrast education on the difference between a progressive Dem and a regular Dem. Do it like this:

    Regular Dem Believes:

    Progressive Dem Believes:

    If you can give 3-5 examples, that actually might help me understand you better. (“might”). 🙂

  8. Progressive Dem says:

    Bill, I don’t gara what you understand about me, and neither does anyone else.

    Barnes challenged the teachers and established standards. Sonny has done nothing for education except decrease state support and shifted costs to local school systems. Bush established federal mandates with No Child Left Behind and never funds it. All we get from Republicans on education are empty promises, and diversions like vouchers and school prayer.

  9. Game Fan says:

    Progressive Dem
    Lifelong Republican here. But sorta “progressive” here in the real world. But “conservative” toward these ass hat politicians. We have to keep them in their cages. They’re a bunch of crooks and liars. And I don’t even think they realize it. Whadya think of that?

  10. Progressive Dem says:

    The elected officials that I know (D’s and R’s)genuinely believe in what they are doing. They may try to manipulate a situation to show themselves in the best light, but very, very few are criminally dishonest.

  11. kcordell says:

    “very few are criminally dishonest”
    That’s because they pass laws making it legal for them to be crooks. In Hall County our Clerk of Courts pocketed over a hundred thousand dollars processing Passports using county employees. Our county manager retired with a nice pension and then rehired by the county. All legal.

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