1. Crooked as the day is long. Promised in their ads to pay off your trade-in car no matter what you owed on it, then the buyers would get calls from the bank that they still owed on their old car PLUS their new car. This isn’t a “sign of the economic downturn” (that sign has a big FED label on it), it’s a sign of a company that could no longer get parts for car repairs because no bank would lend them any money.

    The market works, if government would get out of the way.

  2. Bill Simon says:

    Cobb Needs,

    What? You mean they use REAL live cases in law school to teach y’all? What happened to just using the name John Doe, Jane Doe, The Widget Company, and ACME Car Dealers?

  3. I tried to find the case (since I no longer have my contracts book) by doing a Westlaw search. The results were 51 cases involving Bill Heard Chevy in both state and federal courts. I coun’t remember which one we had read, but 51 cases on appeal is A LOT.

  4. Rick Day says:

    amazing how the GOP Ship of State ™ casually tosses ‘serves ’em right’ platitudes.

    Try telling that to the honest employees that worked for crooked management.

    Wonder how much $$ Heard contributed to the GOP? Hm……

  5. Dave Bearse says:


    You a regular Herman Cain listener? I haven’t listened in a couple of months, but when I last did the the was the economy was all fine and dandy except for over-regulation and naysayers liberals.

  6. jsm says:

    C’mon, Rick. What a dishonest statement. No one here is brushing off the sad situation Heard’s employees are facing. You angry libs have nothing but negatives to offer. What good is that?

  7. Dave, I’m rarely in my car at night when Herman is on, so I don’t get to listen to him much. He is a friend, but he’s wrong about the economy being fine and dandy. It’s not just the liberals that have over-regulated us to death; it’s the so-called “conservatives” (neo, that is) that have jumped on the bandwagon too. “Fixing” our economic woes can happen, but it will take some real shaking up first.

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