That Goddard Mail Piece


That’s the front of the piece that got Jason’s blood pressure up. Here is the rear.

My wife looked at the piece, read it, and wondered why the word “General” did not appear. They are, after all, selling him in this piece as someone who will keep us safe. So why not mention that he is a General?

I’m told there is a plan in place to roll it out and most people paying attention to the race already know he is a General. But still . . . “The Best Choice To Keep Our Families Safe” might ought to tie in the fact he is a General instead of just the friendly guy down the street.

Heck, on the back it says “For 33 years serving our nation’s military, Rick Goddard stood in defense of our way of life, our conservative values.” Yes, but a number of people have. What sets Goddard apart from the pack — including a way to set his military experience apart from Jim Marshall’s — is that for a number of those 33 years he was a General.

Your mileage may vary on that.


  1. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    What did he do in the military? Maybe he was a “Chairborne Ranger”? Sometimes that’s frowned upon.

  2. Doug Deal says:

    I think Jason’s object is a little overstated.

    I wonder why I haven’t gotten one of these. Oh yeah, they are using voter vault, and for some reason it doesn’t think I am a voter.

  3. drjay says:

    he was a pilot that flew over 100 missions in vietnam and then was the commanding general of warner robbins–that most people in the district are pretty familar w/ –i do not think he fears a “chairborne ranger” charge…

  4. Toddrob says:

    Loyalty- Goddard sent a son to war in Iraq… you think that Marshall is going to let his kid enlist? He was pretty trigger happy to send Goddard’s kid… think he would be has happy to send his to Afghanistan?

  5. Ga Values says:

    “Rick Goddard stood in defense of our way of life, our conservative values.”…….When is the General going to let us know what programs he is going to cut from his secreat plan to balance the budget.. Oh, forgot he is for Saxby’s $84 Billion Windfall tax on oil..along with Pelosi, Kennedy, & Reid..

  6. Toddrob says:

    kcordell- get over yourself… ok, goddard watched his son go off to war. Think Marshall will “watch” his.

    dumb ass

  7. slyram says:

    The piece seems to be taking the high road and staying away from that fear fear stuff that hypes the GOP base but turns-off the moderates.

    At some point, Dems will realize that Marshall is shunning Obama/Biden and then anything could happen.

    PUMBA….figure that one out

  8. goodbyemarshall says:


    You are pathetic and a disgrace.

    I respect all veterans and those who served in the military. You are obviously too much of a fool not to. It is clear that you have no respect for the military.

    Let me be clear. I am voting Goddard. But, I respect Marshall’s 2 years of service in the military.

    But, by no means, I am not going to take away Goddard’s 200+ Combat Missions, Commanding General of Warner Robins Air Force Base, the largest Industrial Complex in the State of Georgia and responsible for over 20,000 jobs, Silver Star recipient and who had a son who followed in his footsteps to military service and served in Iraq.

    Please do not belittle his accomplishments, not to mention he is not a career politician and served as VP of Mercer for 7 years.

    If you don’t like the party or the man, fine, but don’t compare his 33 years of military experience by belittling it. After all, Marshall served less than 2 years, it won’t take someone long to belittle his less than 2 years of service and how he touts it like he has served for ever, heck, he wouldn’t even be in the Ranger Hall of Fame if he wasn’t a congressman, he got it after he became a congressman.

  9. goodbyemarshall says:

    By the way Loyalty, when you serve 200+ combat fights in the air, that is definitely not a chairborne ranger, compared to Marshall who served less than 2 years in the military.

    I hope you have the galls to defend your pathetic statement. I’ll be waiting for your answer as you have disgraced other veterans including myself and ALL AIR FORCE INDIVIDUALS by claiming what we do is “chariborne duty” because we fight in the air instead of having “boots on the ground”.


    MARSHALL SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF HIMSELF FOR STATING, “BOOTS ON THE GROUND IN HIS MAILER” – What is he trying to imply, that “Fighting in the Air” is somehow weaker? PATHETIC JIM MARSHALL!

  10. goodbyemarshall says:

    And Erikk,

    Tell me how Marshall’s piece of “Boots on the Ground” is not disgraceful.

    You make no statement of this and I want you to be impartial about this. You have for the most part, but you are letting Marshall get away with this blatant slap in the face to all Air Force individuals.


    You know Marshall is hinting at this, that someone because he had “his boots on the ground for less than 2 years” is somehow better than a man who was in the air for 233 combat missions, who put his life on the line, and who didn’t become a ranger hall of famer just because he was a Congressman.

    Goddard is a good man, a great fighter, and by no means he is less than a man because his “boots” weren’t on the ground, hell, he served for 33 years compared to Marshall’s less than 2 years and then Marshall went on to be a career politician.

  11. Ga Values says:


    posting the same bull does not make it correct..the GENERAL is a RINO not a Republican.. Marshal is more CONSERVATIVE.

  12. Toddrob says:

    GA Values- you always make so much crap up and never defend it… How about trying to defend why Marshall NEVER has issues on any of his websites… Political or offical… Here is the answer: he is to Chicken S**T to take a stance on anything!

  13. RuralDem says:


    You do realize that before recently his website had not been updated in over two years, right?

    Besides, Marshall’s voting record should speak for itself. Which hey, it sounds like your the type that can go to a candidate’s website and look at their issues, and well, who cares how they vote!


    The problem I see is your failing to look at Marshall’s numerous medals and awards that he earned, long before he was a member of Congress. If I’m not mistaken, Goddard and his wife have been very active in the GOP for years, so don’t make it seem like Goddard is some “sudden” politician. Finally, Marshall taught law at Mercer, did he not?

    If you’re going to go all out and act angry, at least be fair.

  14. Toddrob says:

    RuralDem- He has a brand new web page with no issues… and Marshall has missed more votes than over 400 other members of Congress… if i was Goddard i would love to run against his voting record. Marshall is a do nothing career politician.

    Find me one thing, Just ONE thing Marshall has accomplished legislatively… just one thing big boy.

  15. You can make many claims, but when the facts boil down Marshall has voted 83% of the time with Nancy Pelosi. Last I checked, the Representatives were to be the most accountable and responsive portion of the Federal government. I do not believe that Speaker Pelosi represents the 8th District of Georgia, and I feel that by voting this way Congressman Marshall is doing his constituency a disservice.

    Goddard’s letter truly is not fear mongering. It’s not even a slanderous attack. It’s more so a realistic portrayal of the status quo, but it is understandable for people to be so jaded by normal politics to be apprehensive to such a mailing.

    But looking at this next to Jim Marshall’s new ad draws a distinct difference between the two candidates. Marshall has resorted to distorting the truth, but he does not consider that “negative” campaigning. I recall in 2006 Mac Collins distorted a few issues and Marshall cried foul. I guess Marshall thinks only Republicans can distort the truth and it be negative.

    Recently on 13WMAZ’s website, some poster called Goddard a carpetbagger; I assert that the same can be said of Jim – Princeton and Boston College Educated, born in New York. But such arguments miss the point. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Congressman Marshall as Veteran and a Lawyer, but I can not simply vote for someone who has voted with Pelosi 83% of the time.

  16. Ga Values says:


    Are you a FAT CAT?? You know the rich people who the GENERAL likes & is going to work for. Who cares about Marshall’s web page, he is backed by the NRA & that’s good enough for me.. By the way if you ask the General he’ll tell you that his son is a lobbyist & he won’t take the no earmark pledge.. Goddard is a RHINO

  17. Tinkerhell says:

    “Who cares about Marshall’s web page, he is backed by the NRA & that’s good enough for me.. ”

    You need to spend some more time studying up on what the NRA is NOT doing for your 2nd amendment rights. They may be the 200 lb gorrilla in the room but they do a better job of keeping themselves in the money & power than they do of actually fighting for your rights.

  18. Toddrob says:

    GA Values- If you knew anything… you would know that MARSHALL, not Goddard is being funded by the Washington establishement… Marshall has raised over $800,000 from special interest PACS in DC.

    also, i am still waiting for you to tell me what MArshall has accomplished legislatively in DC… just name ONE thing! come on tiny… name one thing.

    Since it seems you have A LOT of time on your hands… at least you good do some research and not sound ignorant all the time.

  19. Ga Values says:

    You college boys working for the GENERAL sure are not the smartest bunch but are probably the best the GENERAL can do. Why won’t he disclose his magic budget balancing plan? Why won’t he sign the no Earmark oath. I am a Republican but since the GERERAL is Saxby’s BOY, I’m voting Marshal. May be our party will find a real REPUBLICAN in 2 years. From the morning AJC:

    “The national GOP has repeatedly targeted Marshall’s seat. Goddard, a retired Air Force general, has enlisted the aid of President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, who were the featured speakers at two Goddard fund-raisers over the summer.

    Goddard’s latest financial disclosures show the Republican has raised more money than any other GOP challenger running against an incumbent Democrat this year. Goddard’s second-quarter campaign disclosure showed that he’d raised more than $770,000, approximately a half-million dollars less than Marshall.”

  20. Toddrob says:

    HAHA GA Values- you are such a joke. come on tiny i am just waiting for ONE legislative accomplishment that Marshall has done in 6 years in Washington… JUST ONE!!!!

  21. Doug Deal says:


    He was sworn in, people always forget that.

    Also, he goes to JC Penney to buy plaid shirts in the fall every 2 years to look “folksie” in his ads. Does that count?

  22. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    “goodbyemarshall // Sep 23, 2008 at 8:08 pm


    You are pathetic and a disgrace.

    I respect all veterans and those who served in the military. You are obviously too much of a fool not to. It is clear that you have no respect for the military. ”

    Wow, this why I only come by here once or twice a week. This used to be a fun forum, but too many ignorant idealogues with their blinders on. Anyway, I was simply asking an honest question; I don’t live in the district so don’t really care about the race. Sorry I offended your thin skin.

    For the record, I spent 6 years in the U.S. Army.

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