Speaking of Rick Goddard: Jim Marshall Comes Out Swinging

I suspect Jim Marshall’s first television ad means he knows the district demographics might be working against him this year.

Every single year since he’s been in Congress, Marshall has faced an opponent who has done nothing but attack, attack, attack. Marshall himself has generally not attacked until the end.

This year is different.

Out of the gate, Marshall is swinging at Goddard. Maybe he thinks he no longer has to sell himself first, but I doubt that. Marshall has kept a low profile this entire year politically. He has avoid heavy interviews, did not have a big presence during the primary, etc.

His first ad is an attack. That suggests to me he recognizes that Goddard is the first substantial threat he has faced.

The funny thing about the ad is that Marshall is attacking Goddard for holding a position that Marshall himself holds.


  1. He’s going to be hurt in a few of the counties he normally carries. This is the first time in a long time Dodge County has had a Sheriff’s election in November, which usually garners our best turn out rates.

    He’s either not taking Goddard seriously at all, or he is trying to pull some voodoo politics.

  2. Ga Values says:

    Goddard has a son who is a lobbyist, Goddard refuses to not make earmarks, Goddard has a magic plan to cut spending but it’s a secret.. Goddard gets his money from out of state.. GEE Goddard is a RINO..Marshall is far from perfect but less bad than the GENERAL.

  3. Marshall is clearly distorting the facts in his ad, if I recall correctly he cried foul when Mac Collins did the same thing.

    Look what he said just a few weeks ago, http://www.jcnews.com/printer_friendly/222540

    Yet he is attacking Goddard for the same stance? What is this, 1984? Has Marshall gotten a touch of the Alzheimer’s? I won’t portray Marshall as anything that he isn’t, but running an ad like that is slingin’ mud. No matter how you slice it, it’s pure distortion.

    Goddard may not be perfect, but surely he is better than someone who caucuses with Pelosi.

  4. goodbyemarshall says:

    Tell me what’s wrong with this picture:

    Jim Marshall is the sitting congressman. Jim Marshall complains about Illegal Immigration.

    Jim Marshall has had 6 years to do something about this problem. He runs the same ads talking about the same issue he has failed to address the last 6 years.

    Jim Marshall voted for Spanish speaking ballots.

    Irony is, here is a man, who is complaining about Illegal Immigration, and yet, he has accomplished nothing, tries to mudsling Goddard for his incompetency.

    Maybe, Marshall should fire himself according to his standards.

    I am tired of this guy, he has done nothing, he needs to go.

  5. Dave Bearse says:

    It’s displeasing that Marshall’s office was the only one of 15 Georgia Senators and Congressional that did not respond to an AJC request for comments on the proposed $700B bailout. It’s regretful, but I’m writing the AJC to suggest the it consider soliciting and printing comments from an opponent in an upcoming election if the incumbent declines to comment.

  6. Randall Savage at 13WMAZ put Marshall’s ad to the “truth test.”

    Well guess what? It failed. Savage was a little soft on Marshall in his analysis, failing to mention that Marshall himself advocated Goddard’s position to Jones County Farm Bureau only a few weeks prior.

    But still the fact remains. Marshall is now distorting the truth. I guess he learned a thing or two from Mac.

  7. griftdrift says:

    First ad?

    I’ve been in Moultrie quite a bit in the past two weeks and the ONLY ad I’ve seen run has been the I’m Jim Marshall and I served in the military ad.

    Is this “first ad” running heavily in the Macon market or was this just a tee up for the Marshall haters?

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