Proposed Legislation For The New Legislative Session: Be It Resolved That Clayton County’s Name Is Hereby Changed To ‘WTF?’

Please let it be HB1 or SB1.

First, and not surprisingly, violent crime is out of control.  The only other county with a double digit rise is neighboring Fayette County.  Anyone think it’s a bit of a spillover? 

And now, I just saw on Fox5’s 10pm news that one of the new board members wants to pay the new superintendent ONE MILLION DOLLARS to go away.  This is the man that already gets about 200 days off during his one year contract.  Why don’t they just pay the man and require him to take his days off?  Did they ever even confirm that his hiring was legal in the first place?



  1. Chris says:

    This wouldn’t be any stupider than the other bulls–t the GOP wastes its time on.

    Why should we care that Freddie and Fanny are cooking the books? Somewhere someone might be having butt-sex! It must be stopped! Our pathetic marriages hang in the balance!

    Tell me you moralistic morons: How many marriages are going to fail because of the 5 million foreclosures that are about to happen?

  2. Uh. Why pay someone to leave, when you could just fire them? By God, some county just eat Clayton – it’s the only way to save that place.


    People can’t have butt-sex out in public, so letting foreclosures happen means we stop the butt-sexing! /sarcasm

  3. Dave Bearse says:

    Consequences are in the price of local control. That’s one of the differences between it and US investment banking or mortgage lending.

  4. Icarus says:

    Had the “pleasure” of driving through Clayton County yesterday.

    Got behind a truck with a “prestige” plate that read:


    And a bumper sticker that read:

    Free Dick Rides

    You stay Klassy, Clayton!

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