Paging General Sherman

Given this

Auditors gave the board an update on an ongoing examination of the department’s financial state after releasing a final report on land purchases and condemnations by the DOT office responsible for acquiring right-of-way acreage for construction projects.

As part of the financial update, auditors revealed that DOT employees had recently discovered five boxes of contracts and agreements that had so far gone unnoticed, adding $360 million to a deficit that has defied attempts to define it.

Would you mind marching through Atlanta again and burning down just the DOT. We need to start over.

BTW, is there any organization more unwilling to listen to citizens than the DOT? I’ll be supporting the I-16/I-75 project in Macon because I think it needs to be done, but also think the DOT has done a poor job being rather creative and listening to concerns. That said, we’re on the 10th revision. It’s time to get this done. It needs to get done.


  1. Progressive Dem says:

    Transportation and the lack there-of is killing metro Atlanta. We have to overhaul DOT. We have to junk Congressional balancing. We have to start funding transit and we have to spend more money.

    As a result of the traffic and transportation problems in Atlanta, the labor market has been truncated. We can no longer compete with metropolitan areas of comparable size because our effective labor market has reduced because of the inability to move around the metro area.

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