How Nice of Macon to Use Taxpayer Dollars to Promote Barack Obama

The Mayor of Macon has updated the city’s taxpayer funded website.

Here is the new masthead:

Picture 1

How much in taxpayer funds did the city spend so Mayor Reichert could get Barack Obama’s picture on the front? And wasn’t that an event the mayor went to on the campaign trail, not an actual mayoral event?


  1. Vic says:

    Mayor Reichert is actually saving taxpayer money. If he would have tried to get a photo op with Cheney or Bush, it would have cost the City $2400 per picture.

    This one was free.

  2. Tekneek says:

    I doubt very much money was spent on the part with Obama. In fact, probably no more than would have been spent were it a picture of Erick on the front instead.

    I’m labeling this post as ‘fake outrage.’

  3. StevePerkins says:

    I’ve NEVER seen a photo of Perdue, Chambliss, or Isakson posing with President Bush on any of their tax-funded office websites. (well, I stopped seeing them after Bush’s approval rating dropped below 35%, at least!)

    Fake outrage.

  4. odinseye2k says:

    Yeah, I don’t know what kind of broken-down content management engine you use on your sites, Erick, but it usually takes me about twenty seconds to upload a new photo or header to any websites I deal with.

    McCain probably couldn’t do the upload himself, but any pol or his secretary under 50 probably could.

  5. If Obama was President I would see no issue with it. At this point, he’s the Senator from Illnois. The former Mayor of Macon/US Rep for Macon, won’t endorse him. Obama is only related to Macon by political affiliation and because he campaigned there.

    How does that at all qualify him to be featured so prominently on the Macon website? Quite clearly this is Reichart starting his reelection bid early on. Unless Obama has been funneling ear marks to Macon, then it’s a horse of a different color.

  6. StevePerkins says:

    Oh whatever. I’m no fan of Obama, and don’t have a dog in the hunt regarding Macon politics at all. However, it’s fake outrage because if the mayor of Columbus or Valdosta or wherever posted a photo of him standing next to John McCain, there would be no comment (at least not from the people commenting on this). If one of those mayors posed with Dale Earnhart, Jr… same story. There would be no grumbles because it’s a small-to-midsize city official boasting about how his small-to-midsize city warrants attention from major political candidates and celebrities. However, you do get grumbles about Obama and Oprah Winfrey purely for partisan reasons.

  7. “However, you do get grumbles about Obama and Oprah Winfrey purely for partisan reasons.”

    Sir, all I do is complain and the only way I wouldn’t complain would be if Ronald Reagan himself had been i nthe picture.

  8. Oprah has personally done a lot for Macon (well, more than most rich people from Chicago) and has invested money in local projects like the Tubman Museum.

    What has Obama done for Macon? Really, what has McCain done for Macon?

    If Obama becomes President, THEN I would say it’s fine to bring his picture back up on the official government site, but as long as he’s a candidate with no ties to Macon except that he passed through, he doesn’t need to be on there.

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