1. GeorgiaValues says:

    What is ludicrous is all the misinformation being spread around…

    1. The “Gang of 20” plan will NOT create a new permanent ban on offshore drilling (which is now set to expire on October 1st, 2008). There is nothing in this agreement that impacts the moratorium on offshore drilling set to expire at the end of this year. These are related but separate issues and each requires its own Senate vote.

    2. Saxby and Johnny do NOT support “windfall taxes” on oil companies or any tax increases that will be passed along to consumers. There is no windfall profits tax provision in this bill, we simply propose ending a tax incentive for the big 5 oil companies and for CITGO which is owned by Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. This tax incentive was passed 4 years ago despite the opposition from the Bush Administration. In the face of record profits, I challenge anyone to make a rational argument that the oil industry needs tax incentives.

    3. Saxby and Johnny’s number one priority is to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and bring down the cost of fuel. The proposal to do this includes increasing exploration and drilling for oil in America which will increase our domestic oil supply. Coupled with this is the building of additional refineries.

    4. Saxby and Johnny support all offshore drilling, drilling in ANWR and capturing the oil shale in the Rocky Mountain States. This offshore drilling agreement is an important first step in that direction. It will allow us to immediately begin drilling for new sources of oil and to open up some older oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico.

    5. We are not currently drilling off the east coast, in ANWR, in Colorado Shale, or virtually anywhere off shore for that matter. Not including everything we would like in this agreement is not a compromise, not a giveaway, and in no way permanently takes these issues off the table. By focusing on areas of agreement, it does enable us to move this debate forward and make progress to actually increase our domestic supply

    6. Saxby and Johnny are working with both common-sense democrat and republican senators to pass legislation that will allow us to start drilling now. This agreement represents a major breakthrough – it is the first time a group of democrats have agreed to increase offshore drilling. Democrats are in control of the Senate. To have democrat senators defy their own leadership and come to the side of republican law makers is significant. It has put the democrat leadership in a very uncomfortable position and our Senators do not intend to let up until there is a vote on this issue.

    7. Saxby and Johnny support research and development of alternative fuels, including increased nuclear production.

    8.Saxby and Johnny are working for a real solution, not political brinksmanship. High gas prices are hurting all Georgians and all Americans. That is why they is engaged in this process.

    9. This agreement does not “let democrats off the hook”. It actually increases the pressure on the democrat leadership to stop their stonewalling on increasing domestic oil supply and to allow Congress to address the energy crisis. Democrats have come our way on this and many of them, including their leadership and their presidential nominee are trying to work out of the box they are now in and hold out until November.

  2. ramblinwreck says:

    Saxby and Johnny need to come to a few more District GOP meetings and listen to what the people who elected them think of their plans to “reach across the aisle.” This deal would give Democrats an excuse to say that they’re doing what Republicans want and will not help one bit. If anything it will weaken the conservative/responsible negotiating position.

    Saxby and Johnny, go ask your Georgia House colleagues what they think of the deal.

  3. GeorgiaValues says:

    Facts are always frustrating to those who would rather stir the pot, generate publicity, increase ad revenue, stoke the fires of outrage, and show “grassroots” activity for the clients that pay them.

    Far too often those not in office, due to the simplicity of their limited perspective, think they could do so much better, and govern with so much more wisdom if only it was they who were in charge.

  4. Game Fan says:

    Full Disclosure:
    My real name is Aloisius McGillicutty. Just kidding. As soon as I make over 50 bucks with this blogging I may use my real name. No subsidies here. And I’ve always been against ANY corporate subsidy. We’ll be lucky if we can kill this ethanol subsidy. The politicians are deaf dumb and blind when the money starts coming back to them via the lobbyists and the bundlers.

  5. There is no windfall profits tax provision in this bill, we simply propose ending a tax incentive for the big 5 oil companies and for CITGO which is owned by Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.

    Well, there you have it. “GeorgiaValues” is either Saxby or Johnny.

  6. Chris says:

    Icarus, my “tyler durden” alternate personality makes a good point. This first in the nation caucus/primary crap needs to stop.

    Where are the activist judges to say this violates the 14th amendment rights of people in PA and HI?

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