No doubt incompetent Fulton County Superior Court Judge Westmoreland is upset…

…but at least convicted killer Jack Alderman had his “meaningful” hearing before the Board of Pardons and Paroles.

Clemency denied.

Alderman was sentenced to die for killing his wife, Barbara, in 1974. He and an accomplice beat her with a crescent wrench, choked her and left her submerged in water in a bathtub at their Chatham County home. The men then visited two Savannah bars before dumping her body in a creek near her family’s home in Rincon. Prosecutors said they wanted to collect $20,000 in life insurance money.


  1. OleDirtyBarrister says:

    I’m sure that the omnipotent “boyreporter” will be along again to chastise you for your bloodlust.

    No lawyer that I know has ever confused Melvin Westmoreland with an intellectual. That is true of at least half of the judges in the State and Superior Court of Fulton Co.

  2. Rogue109 says:

    boyreporter is already there, I’m sure. According to the Savannah Morning News, the Georgia Supreme Court has denied his request for clemency, as well, and he ‘s already had his last meal. He’ll be given a mild sedative in 10 minutes….which is more than his poor, dead wife got when she was killed.

  3. boyreporter says:

    Hey, guys…it’s got nothing to do with Alderman or Westmoreland or anything ‘cept whether killing is an acceptable activity, one human to another. I say it isn’t. You’re welcome to your macho posturing bloodlust emptyheaded bullshit. Just know some of us know how wimps try to look tough. First thing: stop thinking. Oh, I forgot. You have to start before you stop. So never mind. Go kill something or someone and feel really manly.

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