1. Doug Deal says:

    It’s a good read until he suggests that Wind and Solar would be the bulk of our energy. That is pretty much impossible, and if he truly knew anything about energy, he would understand that.

    However, as I glance at the calendar, I see we are 2 months out of the election, so it is time for Marshall to craw out from behind the shadows and pretend he does something the other 22 months of his term.

  2. kcordell says:

    Mr. Marshall also supports raising the fees on oil companie’s leases from appx. 50 % to over 70% and put that money in a “trust fund” for the gov’t to use to save us from ourselves.

  3. kcordell says:

    Doug, I really can’t say. It certainly sounded like it. He wasn’t asked to clarify his remarks. In fact he wasn’t asked any follow up questions at all.

  4. For the record, it was in most of the papers in the 8th district as well. I’ve blogged about this at my site in depth if anyone cares to read, but I’ll hit the key point here for the benefit of those who don’t want too.

    Marshall wants to remain in office. He’s done this song and dance about wanting to drill before, when it comes up he always votes “nuh-uh” or “Sorry I’m in Iraq!”

    He’s going to push this about as much as I’m going to push a boulder up Mt. Rushmore; and folks that ain’t happening anytime soon.

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