Ouch! Buckley on the Attack

Allen Buckley has launched four radio ads that go after Saxby Chambliss like a rabid dog.

You can hear the ads here, thanks to Creative Loafing.

Here’s three of the scripts, the first is in boot camp style:

Does Saxby Chambliss work for me?

He darn sure will not work for free.

Who the hell is paying him?

It’s a long list so listen in.

Big law lobbyists and big oil, too

He ain’t concerned what’s good for you

Illegal immigrants at my door.

Saxby says make room for more.

Georgia, Georgia, can’t you see?

Saxby ain’t what he seems to be.

The second ad, aimed at not offending drunken sailors:

Saxby Chambliss spends your money like a drunken sailor — $3 million for golf lessons, $110 million to help Gallo wines and Sunkist advertise.

The U.S. government is running a $470 billion deficit this year. Did you know that Saxby’s campaign has collected $2.5 million in special interest money? That shouldn’t be a surprise. His son is a lobbyist.

Maybe your money would be safer with a drunken sailor. No offense to drunken sailors.

In the third ad, Buckley says “thank you, Saxby.”

Have you been to the grocery story lately? Like paying more for less? Thank you, Saxby.

My 401K is in the toilet, my house is worth half of what it was a year ago. Thank you, Saxby.

It’s going to be cold this winter, and energy costs are only going to go up. Thank you, Saxby.

Have you been to the emergency room lately? Did you bring an interpreter? Thank you.

Do you know what a fiscal conservative is? Neither does Saxby.

Ouch.  They may not get much air time due to Buckley’s limited budget, but he sure is going for the neck.


  1. Paul Shuford says:

    Good. Someone needs to be holding Saxby’s feet to the fire over these issues, the Republicans nor the Democrats seem to be.

  2. Doug Deal says:

    Wow, how Libertarian these ads are, complaining about big business, consumer prices and immigration. I thought Libertarians where for free enterprise and open borders and against government price controls.

    Or is it Commissar Buckley’s idea that government has a role in guaranteeing prices and prosperity.

    Nuts like Buckley was why my flirtation with the Libertarian party outside was brief and full of regret.

  3. bowersville says:

    Then why is Trevor pushing Allen Buckley? H#ll I don’t know much, but Buckley?

    What’s Trevor trying to do, send votes Buckley’s way trying to get votes for the Democrat?

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