1. drjay says:

    maybe bill could explain the deal w/ the tshirt and how wearing one would/could be illegal–i would think i could put whatever i wanted on a t-shirt w/out fear of repercussions–no??

  2. Bill Simon says:


    THIS is how the law existed before Wiles struck it from our Code:

    “(a) No person shall distribute, circulate, disseminate, or publish or cause to be distributed, circulated, disseminated, or published any literature in connection with any political campaign for any public office or question unless such literature shall bear the name and address of the person or organization distributing, circulating, disseminating, publishing, or causing the same to be distributed, circulated, disseminated, or published.”

    Perhaps a t-shirt has been found to be, at one time, “literature” in this state.

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