Attention GOPeach.

Drop what your doing and tune into WBS AM750 in Atlanta. Mike Huckabee is filling in for Neal Boortz.

Hat Tip: Political Insider.


  1. GOPeach says:

    OH BUZZ —

    UNREAL!!!! I missed him!!!! Is on again today??? Will he be on again soon?????

    I just love that man! I think MEDIA is his niche for now. He is just such a great communicator.

    TAFT – I don’t think McCain stole his delegates, I think the GOP Establishment forced everyone to support McCain when they were going through nominating committee. I think it was THE PARTY that made the decision all along to go with MCCAIN… I was pretty upset at first but now… since PALIN entered the scene … I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER! Everyone I talk to… EVEN DEMOCRATS … LOVE HER! She is AMERICA’S People’s Princess. She is for THE PEOPLE – not The Party!

    It is funny …. THE PARTY would have NEVER picked PALIN …. The PARTY would have picked Romney …. I LOVE McCain for picking PALIN.

  2. Doug Deal says:

    Well, since there doesn’t seem to be a recent open thread, this is as close as one comes.

    Does anyone know why Erick changes the name of RedState to “ERROR 500 – Internal Server Error”?

  3. I’ll put in a plug for RedState here.

    For those that want to make sense of the recent Fed activities with respect to the bailouts, (or to put it more bluntly, for those who would like to read “Wall Street Bailouts For Dummies) they have been running a series of articles by a regular contributor named “Blackhead” who has been breaking down the actions in simple, easy to understand terms, including both policy and economic implications. It’s not very partisan or even political, but does give some insight into what’s going on.

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