Toby Keith Endorses Georgian For President

I just found out that Toby Keith has written a new song as an endorsement for the Libertarian candidate for President.  Who would have thunk it?

Consider this an Erick shouldn’t leave town two weeks in a row FRIDAY OPEN THREAD.


  1. Icarus says:

    I am not saying Toby Keith is getting uppity.

    But I did see an interview with him one time where someone told him since he had become famous, he had become an A-hole.

    He told them that he had always been an A-hole, and to get the fark off his bus.

  2. StevePerkins says:

    Toby Keith gets mischaracterized a great deal. Most people probably don’t know that he’s a registered Democrat, good friends with Bill Richardson, and has endorsed numerous Dems for congressional races. While he’s a strong proponent of the Afghanistan campaign, he thought Iraq was a bad idea and has supported fixed timetables on withdrawal.

    It’s funny… I’m not much of a country music fan at all, but Keith and Dwight Yoakam are the two guys I make exceptions for. I don’t agree with a lot of the political crap that falls out of his mouth, but he’s actually a good songwriter.

  3. slyram says:

    Now I am all mixed up; Keith was saying kind of pro-Obama stuff then he said Obama acts white (which was interesting).

    I liked his 60 Minutes interview when he said these sorority girls did not want to let his daughter join because she was white trash with money so he made that the name of his album. Like that.

    When Bob Barr was running against Buddy Darden, Darden’s staff told us that folks were calling the office say, “You know Bob Barr is married to a white woman.” And the staffer would say, “Yes, we know.”

    Barr does look like my uncle; so, Keith endorsed a brother after all.

  4. slyram says:

    RuralDem, I don’t blame him; I appreciate Keith for being involved. More famous people like him should use their influence that way. Charlton Heston is a classic example because he was an activist in the Civil Rights Movement before his good work for gun owners rights.

    Frank Sinatra raised so much money and awareness for MLK. Keith, Heston and Sinatra could teach a thing or two about standing up to Tiger and Jordan.

  5. jsm says:

    Why are we debating the beliefs of another celebrity? Toby’s view is no more valuable than the average voter. He just has more people listening to him.

  6. slyram says:

    jsm, I feel you but some celebrities have done significant work with their fame. Retired ballplayers doing important things for the community could be more important than on-field success. And when you work in blocks of time like actors, singers and players you have the time. Hey, an idle hands…

  7. umustbekidding says:

    I love Toby Keith.
    Having said that I would like to point out that backing Barr was hardly taking a stand it was more like staying Neutral. He can look involved with out pissing anyone off. 😉

  8. Icarus says:


    Don’t confuse the issues, or deny a celebrity his right to make an endorsement through song.

    If we could only get him to sing some of Matt Towery’s poll numbers, the circle would be complete.

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