Will Sonny Give The Money to Charity?

Here is what I’m referring to.

Elliott became popular in Cherokee County after contributing several thousands of dollars to local and state politicians. He also opened and co-owned several businesses including Benni’s Chophouse, Benni’s Little Italy and Benni’s Flowers.

He co-hosted a $2,000-per-plate campaign fundraiser for Gov. Sonny Perdue before the 2006 election and presented the governor with a check for $100,000. During his speech at the event, Perdue told the audience that Elliott who was an up-and-coming young Republican.

Bert Brantley, a spokesman for Perdue, said the governor didn’t personally know Elliott, and attended the event that he said was organized by Perdue’s supporters.

The Elliott is Ben Elliott who has just been indicted by the Feds for wire fraud and money laundering.


  1. GreenAllTheWay says:

    So you are assuming that when this happened, Sonny knew all of this, or are you assuming that Sonny should retrospectively have know and therefore retropsectively be held accountable?

  2. Three Jack says:

    was elliott a bundler? if so, where is the $100k contribution listed on sonny’s disclosure reports from september and october of 04 (the display check in picture is dated 9/22/04)?

  3. GreenAllTheWay says:

    Again, So Sonny in 2006 should have known what just came to light in 2008? Wow, what does Obama know now about what is going to happen in 2011?

  4. Three Jack says:

    the simple question green; where is the $100k listed on perdue’s campaign disclosure reports?

    i don’t know ga law, but it would seem that the contributors to the $100k that elliott presented should be noted on the report.

  5. Bill Simon says:

    How fascinating. I recall a whole bunch of hoopla in 2006 when “Bennie” first hit Cherokee County.

    Everybody talked about how Bennie
    was a former Dem who wound-up in Cherokee County acting big and throwing money around like he was trying to build a reputation as a “Republican” and was likely going to run for office.

    I just don’t get how these crooks get it in their minds that they can get away with that kind of theft. Do they think the auto dealers are stupid and will never catch the sudden hole in their bank balance?

  6. atlantaman says:

    The check was ceremonial, it represented the sum total of all the checks that were received at the $2,000 a plate fundraiser.

    I think it would be appropriate to donate Elliot’s actual portion of the fundraiser to charity, but it would be insulting to the rest of the honorable folks at the event to imply their money was somehow tainted.

    Unless of course “Benni” was the only one at the event and he ate 50 plates of food.

  7. bowersville says:

    Sonny should give the money to community organizers and if there is any left, put it in S Franklin’s urban outdoors man meters.

    For the good of the community of course.

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