RNC in ATL in 2012?

First The OxTM panders to the Cult of the FairTax by calling for a constitutional convention on the matter. Then at the RNC last week he spoke to the delegates about bringing the 2012 Republican National Convention to Atlanta. Below the cut is the email he sent out today about it.


John Oxendine shared the following announcement with the Georgia Delegation to the 2008 Republican National Convention during one of the delegation breakfasts:

I am so proud that in 2006, Georgia was widely regarded as the reddest of the red states. In my mind, that counts for something. To that end, in the days and weeks ahead, I will be working with Republican leaders as we move forward in an effort to create a bid committee to host the next Republican National Convention.

As a Georgian, I am very proud that we hosted the Democratic National Convention in 1988, and with that history, combined with the world class facilities of Phillips Arena, the Georgia Dome, and the Georgia World Congress Center, we are well positioned to host the Republican National Convention. I think it’s time we tried to do so.

Georgia has earned a wonderful reputation as a world class host state for large events. Recently, the NBA and NHL All-Star games, the G-8 Summit, the 1996 Olympics and the many Super Bowls and sporting events as well as other corporate conventions we have already hosted have proven as such.

I know other good states will bid for 2012, and we in Georgia take nothing away from them, but we are proud that we have a Republican Governor, a Republican state House and state Senate, a majority of our statewide elected officers, both U.S. Senators and a majority of our delegation to the U.S. House of Representatives are Republican. Georgia is the reddest of the red states and we are ready to welcome the Republican National Convention and all of the delegates and alternates for some down home southern hospitality.


  1. Doug Deal says:


    I think the requirement is that the person needs to be attractive, charasmatic and very popular with the young lay-dahs.

    Plus, from what I hear, it is illegal to put your naked image on any media in all but 2 states.

  2. RuralDem says:

    Wasn’t Oxendine a Democrat in 1988?

    Besides, his little “reddest of red states” thing is laughable. There are these states called Utah and Wyoming that quickly come to mind.

    Georgia IS a conservative state, always has been and likely always will lean conservative, but it is far from being the “reddest of red states”.

  3. El_Capatain says:

    I think this is a great idea! Ox is really thinking outside of the box and it is great he recognizes Atlanta for being the great city that we are.

  4. Ox was a Democrat in 1988. He was also 26. I guess everyone has to grow up eventually.

    Also, Rob Lowe is now a Republican, so Rob Lowe could be our Rob Lowe.

    And Farris, we know you want to join our cult of Fair Tax. Here are several good reasons:

    1. We have our own guidebook written by John Linder and Neal Boortz

    2. We all make great Kool-Aide.

    3. We have indoctrinated nearly every elected GOP official in Georgia.

    4. We have no suicide pact like most other cults.

    5. We don’t think the end of the world will happen, even if we never reach our version of tax Utopia.

    6. We won’t make you release deadly gas at a MARTA station.

    7. While we wear similar t-shirts, there are no real uniform requirements.

    8. No dietary restrictions.

    9. Did I meantion the Kool-Aide?

    10. While Boortz has a big ego, he will never ask you to worship him as a deity…well…we don’t think he ever will.

  5. AtlConservative says:

    Since when is Rob Lowe one of Hollywood’s elites? There are some Hollywood folks on our side – Kelsey Grammer, the woman that play Ray’s wife in “Everybody Loves Ray” and a couple others… but elite?

  6. RuralDem says:

    “Ox was a Democrat in 1988. He was also 26. I guess everyone has to grow up eventually.”

    Gotcha. Someone like Perdue that is the same as he was when he was a Democrat has “grown up” simply because he switched the letter next to his name?

    Glad to know ideology < party id

  7. jsm says:

    “6. We won’t make you release deadly gas at a MARTA station.”

    What’s the Varsity got to do with this?

    One thing’s for sure–there would be plenty of fried foods available at an RNC in the ATL.

  8. Game Fan says:

    How about someone from the Paul camp who voted for Reagan and then supported Buchannan? and supported Guy Milner and Guy Davis? (because he’s a fiscal conservative) Where do I sign up? Just keep those ass hats with the red baseball caps away from me.

  9. StevePerkins says:

    This would be very cool, but it’s not going to happen. The political conventions are not matters of loyalty or “paying your dues”… they’re media events calculated along PR lines. That is, the parties choose locations that are either battleground areas (i.e. the Dems heading west), or locations seen as enemy territory (i.e. the GOP in N.Y. or Minnesota). It doesn’t make any sense in modern politics to host the convention on solid friendly ground.

    I chalk this up in the same category as the “Perdue for VP” chatter earlier this year.

  10. atlantaman says:

    Recent Dem Conventions:

    Denver, Boston, L.A., Chicago, N.Y., Atlanta

    Recent GOP Conventions:

    St. Paul, NY, Philadelphia, San Diego, Houston, NOLA

  11. atlantaman says:

    I’d say as a general rule Steve is right, although it appears the Dems have gone to “safe” ground more often.

  12. Also, if not a convention, I would like to see Atlanta host a Southeastern Republican Leadership Conference. While obviously not as big as a convention, they attract several thousand Republicans from around the Southeast and major GOP speakers.

  13. ATL would be the perfect place for the RNC. After learning how to ramrod what they want down our throats at the state GOP convention, the GA GOP could even provide the RedHats and BlackHats, to keep errant Republicans – i.e., non-kool-aid-drinkers – in line and in step.

  14. Chris says:


    And we have 500,000 plastic coffins in Conyers to store the remains of those who disagree with us. That should be worth at least 5 of the 50mil we’d need to raise.

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