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Thank goodness there are no guns allowed at Hartsfield:

A Delta Air Lines employee made an unusual discovery under a soda machine in a break room at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport: a disassembled 20-gauge shotgun.

A more thorough search of the break room turned up a container of gun lubricant and “tools for disassembly,” the police report said

Via AJC.


  1. Tinkerhell says:

    Not that this is relevant to the post but… it depends on the model gun and how “disassembled” you want it to be. :/

    I agree the media almost never gets it right when talking about firearms though.

    Very curious. I wonder if we will hear what this was about. Makes me all the more interested in being able to be legally armed in non-secure areas of the airport.

    At any rate I’d like to know if this break room was in the “general area” of the airport or if it was inside the “TSA Security area”. I’m pretty darn sure we won’t ever find that one out for certain.

    I’d guess it was something done to
    A) stoke the fires of the ongoing airport/carry controversy
    B) some nut planning to “celebrate” 9/11 in a bad way.
    C) some employee who thinks they were being prepared for something bad to be happening and [email protected] the airport regulations.
    D) -my guess- someone stole a shotgun from luggage & were stashing it until they could get it out of the airport.

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