1. steelfist says:

    Why did Marshall crop the peace sign out of the photo? He used the same photo in 2002. Why is he embaressed and what’s he running from this time around?

  2. DMZDave says:

    It’s a good ad that effectively communicates his long personal commitment to soldiers. He’s earned the right to run it. No one running for Congress in either party has as much ground combat experience. He is a muddy boots soldier. He dropped out of Princeton as a freshman and volunteered to serve and lead troops in combat in Vietnam (exactly what George Bush 41 did at about the same age). Marshall has earned the right to claim to be cut from a different cloth than a his Democrat colleauges. I don’t appreciate his vote for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker (OK, I will hate that vote) but do recognize that the Democrats are going to control the Congress next year and Georgia and the nation will need Marshall’s voice on defense issues.

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