Gwinnett NAACP shows perpetual outrage again over some innocuous comments; world continue to spin

Gwinnett branch NAACP president Jorge ” J.P.” Portalatin is calling for the ouster of the county’s schools chief and the replacement of board members up for re-election due to what he sees as racial insensitivity.

The controversial comment came after an administrator said minority student discipline is a problem for school districts nationwide except in Idaho, according to a study. Wilbanks then asked the administrator, James Taylor, executive director of the department of academic support: “Do they have any blacks in Idaho? They don’t have many.”

The statement offended parents teachers and some Idaho residents who discussed it on the Internet.

Oooooooooooooooo! People in Idaho are offended?!? And they discussed it on the internet!?!?!? My God, I’m glad we have intrepid AJC reporter D. Aileen Dodd to tell us the horrors that Wilbanks has visited on Gwinnett County.

The NAACP again needs to get over itself and the self-righteous throne they continue to believe they are entitled to. Move on.


  1. tb says:

    Sorry I respectfully disagree. While I don’t believe an ouster is in order, a simple “I’m Sorry” may be very appropriate- just my 2 cents anyway.

    Being that All politics is local, it’s perfectly fine to eat a little humble pie.

  2. Harry says:

    Wilbanks only talked about what are clearly the facts, so what’s to apologize? Instead of casting aspersions on his motives, the NAACP should be taking the initiative in mitigating the high rates of crime and antisocial behavior among their constituency. Throw the spotlight back on the bad behavior that erodes the effectiveness of public education for everyone. This is such a basic concept that I ask myself why they would trash their brand by trying to force such a kangaroo court pseudo-apology. We live in strange times.

  3. Mike Hauncho says:

    The reason Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and the NAACP keep bringing this and other silly issues up is that it brings in money to their organizations and a purpose to their cause. The issues may or may not be valid but if they do not argue against them then there is no need for their organizations.

  4. tb says:

    excuse me, but every once in a while government bureaucrats need to be taken down a notch once in a while, IMHO

    PUHLEEZE give me a break, have you ever tried to sit down with a school bureaucrat, ever?

  5. Chris says:


    I’m not saying Wilbanks and the entire school board shouldn’t be sent packing. But _this_ is not the reason.

    You can put lipstick on a made-up controversy, its still a made-up controversy.

  6. tb says:

    there are parents attending that meeting tonight who have been trying to fix a problem concerning the school to jail pipeline. if you know a little on the back story, you would want just a small ‘i’m sorry’

  7. Harry says:

    Wilbanks didn’t create the problem. Why do you insist on asking for an apology when the man spoke the truth? The black community won’t fix this problem by demanding an unnecessary apology or firing of someone who is just the messenger. Sounds to me like somebody’s in denial. If Wilcox apologizes for no reason, then I’LL be demanding his resignation.

  8. tb says:

    “The black community won’t fix this problem by demanding an unnecessary apology or firing of someone who is just the messenger”


  9. tb says:

    If I am not Mistaken one person who has outlined the problem accurately with the School To Jail Pipeline is former Congressman Bob Barr. (I would consider him a conservative, but please correct me if I am off base.)

    I have read several of his writings and on this issue I think Bob Barr is on the money.

    We have a problem in Georgia with the School To Jail Pipeline, that is the issue.

  10. Harry says:

    No, we have a problem in Georgia with black crime and anti-social behaviors. If anything we are not putting enough criminals in jail, and not keeping them there long enough – black and white.

  11. tb says:

    I think you are misrepresenting what I am talking about, so I will attempt to clarify. YOu do realize this is about kids, right?

    And what infractions at school do you think should lead to jail? Dropping a pencil?

    What about the social climate of the school…who is in charge of that,, administration is. If there is a gang problem, they need to implement prevention measures, coordinate it with the police dept and stop the cycle. If there is a bully problem, there are programs for that, which can be paid for by grants. My own school district applied for a grant for a bully prevention program and got it and they are rolling out this wonderful program.. and you know what Everything Improved. I can’t tell you how much better it is.

    I think people often assume that all children are bad in the public school system and they are not. What about the kids who have 1 parent and the only place they know as a constant is school and then they get in trouble for a minor infraction adn are kicked out. Who pays for that in the long run. Should they be criminalized too? The facts are the facts. Do not assume all children are bad.

    Your argument in my opinion is not based in reality.

  12. Harry says:

    Aw the poor little darlins, they just need a little understanding…Bull. They need discipline and a real threat of punishment. When creating a disruption in school they need to be suspended or expelled. Period. Otherwiswe the bad apples will spoil the lot, and the better students will escape to educational alternatives.

  13. tb says:

    Aaaaah Nice! Very Nice.

    What infraction in your mind constitutes incarceration? Be specific!

    Please, if we can’t have a reasonable discourse on solutions of the problems in public schools, I say your comments are just bull too IMHO.

    have you read one bit of information about the school to jail pipeline? Honest answers, honest answers please.

    Have you ever sat in a tribunal? Have you ever had a child being told by the educator that the child is stupid, dumb, lazy. Come On!

    Have you ever seen an incompetent educator who refuses to maintain control over the classroom.
    There are too many of them who want to go in and put the feet up and not do a damn thing to teach the students. And on occasion you have a errant administrator who has no earthly idea what is going on in their own school. ON the other hand you have the majority of teachers that are FANTASTIC BUT can’t say a word about something without getting fired. Give me a break!

    Let’s get real. No doubt we have kids who have problems and they need consequences. I am no pantywaist when it comes to that. But we also need commentary based on reality.

    All kids can learn. School is supposed to be the place for opportunity to give kids an opportunity they may not otherwise have. Please let’s have an intelligent debate!

    Again, I am rather tired of the smears on the NAACP, and tired of people who cannot have reasonable discussion about issues and solutions to the issues.

    My district has made great strides over the last couple of years…..because the district decided it was better to listen to the people in the district it served. I can’t tell you how much of a difference that makes.

    Every problem in a district has reasonable solutions.

  14. Rogue appears to have engaged in some suspicious sleight of hand here. The quote in the box didn’t come from the quote in the newspaper to which he linked. Notice the AJC article doesn’t say anything about a report on “minority discipline:”

    “The superintendent’s leadership was called into question last month when he made controversial comments during a school board workshop on discipline. An administrator told the school board student discipline is a problem for school districts nationwide except in Idaho, according to a study. Wilbanks then asked the administrator: “Do they have any blacks in Idaho? They don’t have many.””

    If the report wasn’t about “minority discipline,” then Wilbanks was out of line. Rogue, where’d that quote come from, please? If you’re going to bust Aileen Dodd’s chops, why isn’t the quote from her work?

  15. Icarus says:

    LiveAptFire, try here.

    That’s the original story, same reporter. She gives no further evidence or context that supports that Wilbanks was out of line. She states that the discussion was about disproportionate discipline between minority students and white students, and that this is a problem in 49 states, but not Idaho. Wilbanks asked a question that seems to indicate that he understands Idaho is not a representative sample, and thus (one could/should infer) would not be an appropriate place to look for a solution, just because they don’t have the problem.

    At no point, in any of the stories I have read about this “incident”, has anyone pointed out any additional context that would take this from trying to address a problem that should improve things for the minority students. Instead, the man trying to fix it is demanded to resign because he made statements “that could be perceived as racist”.

    Again, not statements that ARE racist.

    Not statements that WERE INTENDED to be racist.

    But this reporter, based on one parents’s version of the event, has created and continued to flame a firestorm because something COULD BE PERCEIVED to be racist.

    She’s a print version of your live apartment fire.

  16. Thanks for that, Icarus. The context is pretty clear in the original story.

    If the original discussion is about “minority discipline,” then it makes sense for Wilbanks to ask about the proportion of minorities in Idaho.

    It appears Dowd (or her editors) has removed that context from the follow up, which is unfortunate and is a disservice.

    As Jesse Jackson likes to say: “Content without context is pretext.”

  17. tb says:

    And I dare say again, before people throw smears at the parents or NAACP for that matter and IF they in the community are offended, then an apology is in order. Pretext, Context is MOOT for the citizens the school system serves.

    I had to laugh at Harry’s comment above:

    “No, we have a problem in Georgia with black crime and anti-social behaviors. If anything we are not putting enough criminals in jail, and not keeping them there long enough – black and white.”

    Uh, what exactly is a black crime? I sure hope people in the school district don’t speak or write like that either.

  18. Chris says:

    “Dear Gwinnett County Parents,

    I’m sorry you’re so hyper-sensitive you got upset over a legitimate comment about statistical comparisons. In the future, I promise not to try and be smart and and by doing so, point out your stupidity.

    Superintendent Wilbanks”

  19. Harry says:

    tb, tell me again how you propose to maintain school discipline if you start playing race games with the stakeholders.

  20. tb says:

    Hartford City schools parents in and got them involved. Task forces, mentoring programs, volunteerism, and those pesky faith-based groups too — . Good Golly Harry, please look at the world outside of GA, some things Georgia Has really screwed up on, and I believe education is the TOP OF THE SCREW UP LIST.

  21. kitkat says:

    I’m sorry what did Idaho have to do with the question? We are talking about the unfair discipline marks given to black students in gwinnett county schools. I have a child at Mcconnell. We are struggling with this issue and have been for some years now. We cannot and will not continue to allow this to happen. I myself contacted Wilbanks last year and was brushed off. I was told to speak to the principle of the school whom I had never seen since my child has been in that school. What does the principle do anyway. If he cared about the issue I am having he would have at least listened. He didn’t want to. If Wilbanks is the problem in gwwinnett county schools then get him out. Some of us need to face it we are not going anywhere. Right is right and wrong is wrong.

  22. Icarus says:

    “I’m sorry what did Idaho have to do with the question? ”

    Well, other than the fact that the question that Wilbanks asked that supposedly are the grounds to have him fired was about Idaho, I guess not much.

    You’ve clearly decided that Wilbanks must go, so please don’t let facts, or the lack thereof, influence your opinion in any way.

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