Uh . . . no?

Probably not the solution.

James Timley, president pro-tem of the Macon City Council, said Monday he is exploring the idea of asking Gov. Sonny Perdue to send in the National Guard to help police combat the late summer crime wave.

I suspect we need to do some in-house efforts to fix the situation and not just rely on others to clean up a mess the previous administration created.


  1. slyram says:

    Rep. Marshall lives in Macon, works in D.C., and fact–finds in Iraq and Afghanistan. He should have gone to Denver to be safety for a night or two.

    Alway, Posse Comitatus…end of discussion, right?

  2. Chris says:

    National Guard doesn’t fall under Posse Comitatus – only the US Armed Forces under direct command of the President.

    otherwise the Nat Guard wouldn’t be able to act in case of natural disaster or civil uprising.

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