Peach Pundit Fantasy Results

Someone’s looking forward to a happy ending…

After the first week of Peach Pundit fantasy football, the following managers/teams were victorious  (in order of highest score):

Trevor Southerland/Georgia Hope

Buzz Brockway/Obama The Savior

John Konop/Bearcats

LoyaltyIsMyHonor/Smyrna White Trash

Icarus/Melted Wings

JRM2016/Fountain City Rage

PSP/Peach State Punisher


Someone should check in on James Stratfield and make sure he’s not on a ledge somewhere, as he was the one “lucky” enough to draft Tom Brady in the first round.

We’ve finished our second week of College Football Pickem, with the rankings as follows:

Driving Buddha/Picks of the Driving Buddha – 31 Points

Les Miles Hat/Czador18 – 30 points

Bubba Rich/BubbaRichAU – 29 Points

Icarus/Feel the Wrath of Icarus – 28 Points

Slobberknockers/Slobberknockers – 28 Points

JoeB/Brock’s Bombing – 28 Points

RockJohnson98/ReclaimOurRepublic – 27 Points

ScottB/Fratboy Rejects – 27 Points

EdgarMSmith/Chatham Dog – 26 Points

Riprock/Riprock – 26 Points

Buzz Brockway/Obama The Savior (Defending Champion) 25 Points

Doug Deal/What’s the Deal 24 Points

Donkey Kong/Revenge of Donkey Kong 17 Points

Two others who shall remain nameless, (one because he owns the place) signed up but have yet to play.   Note for the record:  Whomever signs us up for this game next year better choose the option with confidence points, or you will be banned from Peach Pundit.

And then there’s this year’s new game, Pro Football Pickem, with these week one results:

TheGMan/Ugly Dog – 11 Points

Driving Buddha/Picks of the Driving Buddha – 10 points

Slobberknockers/Slobberknockers – 10 Points

Riprock/Riprock – 10 Points

Cazador18/Son of Dash – 10 Points

Icarus/Feel the Wrath of Icarus – 10 Points

EdgarMSmith/Chatham Dog – 9 Points

ScottB – Atlanta Manglers – 8 Points


Better luck next week all.  And to those who are playing but are mostly lurkers, get in here and join the fun.


  1. Doug Deal says:

    I am not sure that this situation is irony. If you had sold your stock of knives in order to be prepared for an expected need of spoons, that would be one thing, but that is a bit of a stretch.

  2. Doug Deal says:

    I think you can still sign up for the college or pro pickem games. You can still compete week to week, and with some of our scores, you might even overtake one or two of the current players.

    HEY! Stop kicking a person while he is down.

  3. Doug Deal says:


    OSU’s offence is completely different when Wells is playing. The defense will take care of itself, and has in fact only given up 1 td all season. (The other td given up was on a fumble by the offense.)

    In my opinion, the spread in the OSU game should be “OFF” since there is too big of a question about which team will be there with Wells hurt.

    That being said, assuming he is playing and healthy, I think OSU will take care of business and win by at least 10.

  4. Doug Deal says:


    It’s still too early to really know anything about anyone. Sure they smashed UVa, but UVa only beat Richmond 16-0. Is USC really good, or is UVa just mediocre?

    OSU shut-out their first opponent and scored over 40 with Wells in the game, then only won by 12 against Ohio without Wells, with the defense only giving up one touchdown. Was OSU trying to not give anything away to USC? Was OSU looking ahead? Who knows.

    It is clear the defense is there, it is hard to shutout anyone and it is not too easy to limit your opponent’s offense to only 1 score, no matter who they are.

    In any event, the game will likely be a test of USC’s offense.

  5. Doug Deal says:

    Did anyone get a chance to catch that OSU-USC game? I was really tired and went to bed when it was 3-0. Did OSU complete the shutout, and how much did they win by?

  6. Icarus says:

    Yes Doug, Ohio State won 74-o. McCain won the presidential election with 46 states. We have a 74 Seat majority in the Senate, 350 Seats in the house. And the magic unicorn farm is now producing 115% of this country’s energy needs.

  7. I think you can still sign up for the college or pro pickem games. You can still compete week to week, and with some of our scores, you might even overtake one or two of the current players.

    Oh. It’s a sports thing. Blech.

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