Obama house party in the ATL.

Below is a video I found today on Obama’s website. It’s of a gathering of supporters (many of whom claim to be ex-Republicans) to watch the Senator’s DNC acceptance speech. Obviously this took place before the GOP convention and perhaps some of those former GOPers changed their minds again, but I think this shows just how fluid people’s thinking on this election is, and just how strong the desire for change is.

UPDATE: Doug Deal has uncovered some information about John Nail the host of the party in the video. Nail claims to be a Republican, but it’s hard to imagine a Republican who was moved by Obama’s message of hope and change spending so much time spreading vicious lies about Sarah Palin faking her pregnancy. That doesn’t fit too well with hope and change. Here are some other articles by Nail. He seems to have a fixation on Palin.

I’m calling out the Obama campaign for claiming John Nail is a Republican. He’s not.


  1. odinseye2k says:

    Well, ya know … when the incumbent party has screwed things up to the point that EIGHTY percent of the country thinks it is going in the wrong direction, you get that whole want for change thing.

    The only way for things to get much worse in public opinion is to start having dust bowls again.

  2. Ex-Republicans who are voting for Obama either are simply voting aganist McCain or were more akin to a Democrat in the first place. 8 years of a bad presidencey may be a motivator to vote aganist someone, but I hardly believe it’s bad enough to fundamentally alter one’s core values and expectations of government.

  3. johnmartinforafreegeorgia says:

    If it is the same John Nail that I found he is basically a general only voter that registered in 1998. He did vote as an R in the PPP08, but only started voting in 04. No other Primary votes.


  4. odinseye2k says:

    “8 years of a bad presidencey may be a motivator to vote aganist someone, but I hardly believe it’s bad enough to fundamentally alter one’s core values and expectations of government.”

    Well, I imagine if you believe that government can do no good and that politicians are fundamentally corrupt, then yes, an eight year orgy of incompetent political appointees and crony capitalism will not sway you much.

    Likewise, if you believe that school isn’t that important and don’t study, your poor grades (and pathetic job to follow) will not teach you the value of education if you fundamentally doubt its usefulness.

    And then there are those of us that have read enough history and learned from family of times that institutions and governments when properly run actually *can* make a real world difference. We then blame the assholes that screwed up rather than pretend that a certain condition is fundamental.

    In the private world, I believe this is called “accountability.”

  5. GOPeach says:

    This was BEFORE McCain announced PALIN as his running mate! EVERYTHING changed on Aug. 29th – McCain’s 72nd BIRTHDAY and The Palin’s 20th Wedding Anniversary! Yeah I am sure those ” Republicans” in that little Obama House Party were having to throw their jeans in the washing machine. 🙂

  6. Hey there, I run polfeeds.com, the site linked to above. I just wanted to clarify that PolFeeds syndicates political news, so the video is an official Obama campaign video, but that’s not Obama’s official website.

  7. Doug Deal says:


    I think you have the wrong nail.

    I found the Deborah Nail in that story (address matches the invite to the event), and she has never voted in Georgia, and just registered this past December. Well, the Republican party is going to be smarting after losing her 0 votes in the last 12 years.

    But, I also found John Nail’s business website. He owns The Radar Group

    He does not appear to be much of a voter, or he does not live with his wife.

  8. Doug Deal says:

    Just for fun, I did some more digging on this “Republican”. I found him on digg, and went through his history. Here is a story he posted.


    Here is an excerpt from that post:

    Conclusions and Questions

    The only answer I can see othe than total reckless judgment (which this mother does not seem to have) or a delberate attempt to lose the child (makes no sense based on her bio) is that Sarah Palin:

    Was never pregnant
    Why would a 44-year-old woman with four kids out of diapers, embarking on her first governorship, really get pregnant?
    Was called home for her daughter giving birth knowing that the Doctor could keep the delivery from happening until she got home.
    Created the travel story to cover up the truth
    Did not really know in advance that the baby had Downs Syndrome? There is no reason to do an amnio or any genetic tests on a teenager. Clearly Sarah would have had the tests at 44 as standard procedure.
    Is there something unusual about the father if the child is Bristol’s w/ Downs?

    Yes, there you have it, John Nail. Yet another Obama nutroot pretending to be a former Republican. Former as in never.

  9. Doug Deal says:

    Thanks for the update Buzz. How long before those articles and comments by him disappear into the ether?

    It is this very type of politics that is the problem in Washington and state capitals everywhere. Obama says he is about a new kind of politics. I would have to agree if by that he means an even meaner and nastier type of campaign, where the destruction of your opponent (and not even winning) is the primary goal.

  10. North Ga Indy says:

    Is the ATL house party there so that they can tell Atlanta to Vote Obama, ATL is going heavily for Obama anyway along with the Metro ATL counties of Clayton and Dekalb .

  11. designbot says:

    Yet another Obama nutroot pretending to be a former Republican. Former as in never.

    Funny, I thought the definition of a Republican was someone who registered with the Republican party, not “someone who doesn’t discuss rumors about Sarah Palin.”

    It takes about 30 seconds on Google to find John Nail’s page on the Obama campaign’s social networking site, where he states:

    Today I am a 55 year old independent – a “Reformed Republican” (7 straight Republican votes) as I told Barack and the crowd in Powder Springs,GA – but as a teenager worked for RFK in Indiana and George McGovern at the 1968 Convention. I watch Fox News, like Bill O’Reilly, listen to Rush on occasion and until McClellan’s book supported the war in Iraq. I am now disgusted by the President and the entire deception that got us into Iraq. I am the father of 3 (6,8, 26) and see that the world they will live in requires a new focus and direction in many areas. I admire John McCain, but I support Barack Obama as he is showing us once in a lifetime vision, courage, intelligence, principals and leadership like we saw from JFK, RFK and Martin and others throughout our history.

    And you can plainly see here that he did, in fact donate $105 to the Republican National Committee in 2004.

    I’m calling out your blog for being incapable of doing basic research before making unfounded claims.

  12. And I’m calling you out for not being able to read.

    The HuffPo link you directed us to shows a John Nail of San Antonio Texas, who worked for the Lineman City Public Schools. That John Nail gave $105 to the GOP in 2004.

    Checking the Atlanta John Nail’s LinkedIn profile I see no refrence to him ever working for the Lineman City Public Schools, nor having ever lived in Texas.

  13. Doug Deal says:


    Just more of the shrill Obamabots trying to cover up for another one of the Obama campaign’s lies. How typical of them.

    Instead of our loopy friend here, I actually read that detail and bother to look at the state.

    In any event, Buzz, expect no comment from The Lie Factory The Obama campaign on how this man could be a former Republican, and whether they support his rather malicious rumor spreading about Sarah Palin. They must, as they made him a professional video, posted to their official campaign web site, and host his posting on their “grass roots” web site.

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