Jim Martin’s first ad features Max Cleland.

Is this really the ad Martin should run first? It seems to me this ad would have been better suited for the Democratic primary. I don’t think Georgia is pining for the good ‘ole Max Cleland days.

Hat Tip: Political Insider


  1. Jim comes off looking and soundng weak there too. I havent heard him speak, but does he normally come across as such? it seems that commercial is more about Max than Jim from the way it’s executed – which I don’t think is an effective way to campaign.

  2. Bill Simon says:

    Actually…it looks like Martin is running different “first ads” in different counties. The only ad I’ve seen of Jim Martin is him talking about how he works for the middle-class.

  3. Are you indicating that Cleland is mildly upset at Saxby still, GC? I suppose this is one of his methods of displaying mild expressions of discontent with the way he feels Saxby wronged him.

  4. Mike Hauncho says:

    “In times like these Washington needs people who have served their country.” Does that mean he is supporting John McCain?

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