Gwinnett DA to look into park land deals.

The Grand Jury looking into a park land purchase made by the Gwinnett County commission has recommended District Attorney Danny Porter take a further look into the deal:

Gwinnett County District Attorney Danny Porter said Friday that he will review the county’s park land acquisitions over the past four years at the request of a recently adjourned grand jury.

About 43 park property transactions have been completed by the county since 2004. Over the next several weeks, Porter will review them all and then make a presentation of his findings to the next grand jury panel, which organizes on Sept. 11. Porter said he is legally obligated to investigate anything related to the operation of county government at the grand jury’s request.

The issue of park land deals came up after Joe Newton, a Norcross political activist, sent the September adjourned Gwinnett grand jury information about the county’s purchase of 58 acres of land off Beaver Ruin Road near I-85. The $4.7 million land deal has been controversial ever since it came before the commission for a vote in January 2007.


  1. Harry says:

    There are a large number of apartments and houses in the vicinity of this proposed park. It’s really quite dense with a large surrounding population. They could use the green space. The only other green space within 2 or 3 miles is a private golf course. I don’t know if insider dealings were involved in the transaction, but the park would be a good investment.

  2. tb says:

    I am always reading and seeing news reports about Gwinnett County’s District Attorney. I think we need to recruit him to Forsyth County. Seems like he does a great job for that county.

  3. Bill Simon says:

    I hear Bob Griggs, Mark Rountree, and Lorraine Green are composing a press release that accuses the Grand Jury and the DA of investigating these deals for “political reasons.”

  4. tb says:

    Well, either way, I still think he does a good job over there. Look I commend ANY public official that has the Cajones to investigate and I would expect there to be opposition to it.

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