Fights in Chatham

This is pretty funny.

In a separate complaint, Dewberry claims Commissioner Priscilla Thomas’ doctorate in psychology and educational administration is false.

Citing a biography on the county’s Web site, Dewberry said Thomas violated the county’s code of ethics by claiming to have a doctorate from the University of North America.

Yes, that university.

I was talking to a Democratic friend of mine last week about Palin. The friend was up in St. Paul to protest against the RNC and infiltrate the convention. She was a bit frustrated by the Democrats attacking Palin on experience and her political background because, we both agreed, municipal politics is the roughest, toughest politics out there. There’s lots to attack Palin on, but being Mayor of Wasilla ain’t one of them.

Local politics remains the closest thing in democracy to hand to hand combat.


  1. Common Sense says:

    Yeah there is really nothing tougher than municipal Alasakan politics…top tier statewide races with budgets over ten million dollars—that’s nothing compared to winning 616 votes to 413.

    I mean that’s nearly as many people as in the great election of Ralph Reed to the UGA college republicans.

  2. boyreporter says:

    Erick, you must be kidding. If Obama’s pick had been a former small-town mayor, there would be no end of hearty laughter from the Right.

  3. drjay says:

    its so funny how the left seems to have a memory block on her career after being mayor–that includes you know–sitting governor…i guess we should start describing biden as a former county commissioner–i wonder if he has a phd from north american whatever as well

  4. Icarus says:

    Dude, we’re still doubled over that you nominated someone who’s experience is one year of the Harvard Law Review. We don’t even need to get to the gaffe-o-matic Biden for hearty laughter.

  5. drjay says:

    i would never describe the senator that way-he is a united states senator afterall-i think the whole “experience” argument is quite overblown once you’ve reached a certain minimal level of high elective or appointed office you are “qualified” then its a matter of vision and policy and what you have advocated in that office–but you are thet one spouting off the small town mayor stuff and willfully ignoring the rest right now–not me…

  6. bowersville says:

    Caution: boyreporter, Palin is sandbagging.

    Y’all need to go ahead and get all that per diem/book banning/troopergate while you can. The girl’s not going to wet her panties.

  7. Bill Simon says:


    Icarus caught a REAL PhD…he drove through the arches of UGA as diplomas were thrown-up in the air from all sides by the faculty. Icarus just had to remember to roll down his windows… 😉

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