It begins.

Democrat Jim Martin’s first television ads for the fall U.S. Senate campaign began running Monday on five Atlanta broadcast stations.

Martin ordered roughly 2 1/2 hours of broadcast airtime to run a total of 294 commercials through next Tuesday.

The cost is $224,445, a heavy buy for a week’s worth of political advertising.

With Obama moving out state infrastructure and cutting buys coupled with the present financial situation at the Georgia Democratic Party, things don’t look too hopeful for Jim.


  1. GOPeach says:

    Martin smells fear! He knows like we do – Obama is circling the drain and he best do something to save his fanny fast!

    Poor Jim. This would have been a good year to run for school board or something a little less high profile…. Saxby & McCain are buds and McCain is IN!

  2. GOPGrassroots says:

    Jim Martin is a desperate candate. His first internet ad was a negative one, now he goes after the Bush administration for troop funding.

    This guy has nothing positive to say.

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