1. Three Jack says:

    uppity – affecting an attitude of inflated self-esteem; haughty; snobbish.

    obama is uppity by definition. so are pelosi, reid and all the leftists on msnbc.

  2. Three Jack says:

    buzz, actually i am from the south and think you, konop and anybody else who looks for racism behind every statement should seek help.

    lynn didn’t call obama an ‘uppity n….’, he used the word in its proper context and definition. obama is uppity.

    based on konop’s high brow comments, he is uppity.

    for all i know, you are uppity.

    get over it.

  3. umustbekidding says:

    There is nothing there. Uppity is the same as snooty.
    BTW – What does this have to do with the heading?

  4. SavannahDem says:

    Has this been picked up by the national media yet? If not, I bet it’s on CNN before I go to sleep tonight.

    Is it too early to start speculating on what his excuse will be? Maybe he’ll go with “I had a hurt knee.” I hear that works well.

  5. North Ga Indy says:

    Whoa, that was a silly comment, even though I agree with it. As for the 2010 GA Gov. race, I am a solid Oxendine supporter.

  6. tb says:

    Ya know, I saw the comment and feel it was DUMB.

    Its comments like these that will make Georgia a battle ground state for the Dems. Come On people, there are much better ways to go on the offensive… like on the issues!

    I am not saying it was racist at all, but there are connotations made with everything you say, especially in this race. Good grief, we don’t need the democratic base to come out in force just because of dumb comments made by republican leadership. And if the republicans are ever going to bring black conservatives into the fold, some comments are better not said at all.

  7. Decaturguy says:

    Unbelievable. Westmoreland is a clown.

    Let’s not forget that Lynn Westmoreland was the leader of the few in the House that opposed the Voting Rights Act. I’m not saying that opposing the Voting Rights Act necessarily makes you a racist, but you put the two together and it makes it likely.

  8. Chris says:

    Serious question:

    If I referred to Buzz as an uppity blogger for that post about the Gwinnett Stadium overrun, would anyone find that insensitive?

    If I referred to Spacey as an uppity blogger for all her rants against the MSM?

    What if I referred to bloggers in general as uppity? (I tend to think we are).

    I’ll admit, when I moved here from New York, I didn’t go a take out the Big Book of Southern Slurs from the library to learn what words not to say. Negro and another slur beginning with n, were obvious. But I didn’t know what the hell a “coon” was till someone explained it a few years later. The folks I hung out with didn’t use such terms.

    Westmoreland (AFAIK) is a native Georgian and should have known better.

  9. I’ve seen uppity white people. So how is it a racial slur?

    Half the problem of race inequality is started by crap like this. Words change. Deal with it. My Granny tells me to this day when the word gay was not refering to sexual orientation, and she’s only 70. Yet now we consider that word to universaly mean homosexual rather than happy.

    Uppity in the vernacular means snoby. Not black slave trying to fight the man. Not black man trying to survive. It means snob, no matter if you are white or black or asian or whatever.

  10. North Ga Indy says:

    I agree with Decaturguy, Westmoreland is one silly clown. Until this gaffe, I supported his reelection bid. Now I support his Democratic opponent. His name is Stephen Camp, and he is one of only four Democrats nationwide that I support. Go to http://www.stephencampforcongress.com/ and learn about what he stands for. Bear in mind that I am normally a Conservative Republican, but one major slip up like that can help me change my choice in an election.

  11. Dave Bearse says:

    The word uppity has been directly followed by the n-word way, way too many times for a southern pol to never have heard it and understand the implication when used to describe an African-American.

    Uppity is in the same realm as monkey, i.e. George Allen and macaca. Only forgetful, stupid, race-bating or racist pols will use the term in connection with African-Americans for at least the next couple of decades.

  12. tb says:

    Yes I have supported Democrats from time to time when the Republican does something incredibly stupid. I will take a look at the website you posted. Thanks

    And since the Guy is From Georgia, he would know what the proper vernacular is and is not. Let’s not excuse stupidity. These are our supposed leaders.

  13. NG Indy,

    Do you work for AFLAC?

    I can’t see a true indy supporting Mr. “Insurance Co Bought and Paid For ” Oxendiene.

    Other than Doug Everett (PSC 1), I can’t think of a better poster child for preceived unethical behavior than John Oxendine.

    These guys were elected to protect everyday Georgians, instead they protect the companies they’re suppose to regulate.


  14. Three Jack says:

    so a true racist, jesse jackson can call obama uppity, but not a congressman from the south. the double standard continues….

  15. North Ga Indy says:

    Daniel N. Adams, you have taught me something that I never knew about Oxendine and Everett. Had I known that on july 15, I might have supported Collum. Thanks DNA, I now support Cagle.

  16. atlantaman says:

    We live in a time where Democrats are excused for any perceived politically incorrect statements, because hey they’re Democrats and they could not have possibly meant it. See past Robert Byrd, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden (on an almost weekly basis) for excused insensitive remarks.

    But if you’re a Republican and you use a literary reference from Uncle Remus (that gets misunderstood by morons who have never read the series) or you give Strom Thrumond a compliment on his 90th birthday then be prepared to face the fires of hell.

  17. Three Jack says:

    no konop, i love to fight for my country.

    meanwhile you would rather attempt to destroy a good man’s career for an innocent comment you percieve to be racist.

  18. Progressive Dem says:

    “he’s never heard the word “uppity” used in a racially loaded fashion”

    I guess Westmoreland never inhaled either.

  19. Jane says:

    All I can say in response what a piece of uneducated White Trash. I guess his mother never taught him to be nice to others.

  20. midgajim says:

    So, Decaturguy – give us ONE EXAMPLE of why the Voting Rights Act should single out a few specific states and not the nation as a whole.

  21. atlantaman says:


    The people who live in GA now (younger generation and transplants) have nothing to do with anything that happened 50 years ago.

    He can’t intellectually give you any good reason why a few specific states should be singled out. It’s just an opportunity for feel-good liberals, who don’t understand Equal Protection or who are knowingly taking advantage of morons, to demagogue an issue. The Act has to be renewed every 25 years, because it was the only way a liberal Supreme Court would let it pass Constitutional muster without puking their guts up in shame. The 25 years allowed it to be temporary; when it was enacted there was a temporary emergency that called for the Act.

    Now, 50 years later, folks are wondering if it really is temporary. The important question is not whether it’s good legislation or not, but whether it should be applied to all the states or none of the states.

    Personally I think it’s not required in any of the states, but feel it’s a Constitutional travesty to selectively apply the law to a few states.

    If you believe it’s good legislation, then are the folks like Decaturguy the real racists, since they don’t believe it should be applied to states like Ohio (where minorities were allegedly disenfranchised during the last presidential election).

  22. atlantaman says:

    I hoping the Supreme Court takes this issue up and looks at this ruse of a temporary act that seems destined to be permanently renewed.

    Otherwise, I’d like to see a temporary law passed where all Muslims are banned from flying on airplanes.

  23. GOPeach says:

    Obama is not uppity what so ever.

    I would call him a BUPie –
    Black Urban Professional.
    Like a YUPie. Young Urban Professuinal.

    I would not call him a ” Yupie” because:

    A. He is not THAT young
    B. He seems to identify more with his African dad. ( attending an ALL Black – Afro centric church) – http://www.tucc.org/home.htm
    African drums with a map of Africa.

    If Obama is elected – he will make sure that tax money goes to Africa….is this Constitutional???

  24. onthefence says:

    OMG, everytime someone says something about obama everyone has to look for a race/racist/racism angle. My goodness Westmoreland only said obama’s a snob. That’s it.

    I know a few people who feel similarly about him. They feel that he’s out of touch and isn’t going to do anything to help them. These are the same people that everyone assumes is going to get out and vote come hell or high water just ’cause they’re black. Not happening though.

    I agree with the previous post (BUPie), although it’s not even freaking necessary to create a label.

  25. “If Obama is elected – he will make sure that tax money goes to Africa….is this Constitutional???”

    You mean like funding AIDS relief in Africa, which has gone up more under Bush than any other President?

  26. Decaturguy says:

    I never said that opposing the extension of the Voting Rights Act in isolation is racist. I have a different viewpoint on that issue, but I never said that taking a different viewpoint from mine makes you racist.

    But given that background, when Westmoreland directs the term “uppity” towards a black family that has achieved as much as the Obama’s have (and yes that is different that directing the term towards a white person and if you can’t see that you are a dumb idiot who needs to just go fly their rebel flag somewhere and call it a day), it either shows his complete ignorance on racial issues such that he wouldn’t have a clue as to whether discrimination still exists in voting or it means that he is indeed a bigot who still lives in a pre-1950’s world.

    It’s either one or the other.

  27. yellowhammer says:


    I’m fairly certain tax money already goes to Africa. Something called foreign aid, to help countries less fortunate than ours and/or those in times of strife…… even if they have african drums. Now that I think it about it, that whole foreign aid deal sounds alot like what Jesus taught us to do.

  28. rightofcenter says:

    To bring up the “double standard” canard is ridiculous. Two wrongs do not make a right. If this was an isolated case of Lynn Westmoreland having a political “tin ear”, that would be one thing. He, however, has done this kind of thing way too often. No lifelong Southerner of any age can credibly claim that he doesn’t know that calling a black “uppity” is not only politically incorrect, but highly offensive. And if he truly didn’t know that it was, then he is too incompetent to be an elected official.

  29. bowersville says:

    Southern definition of uppity: above your raising, in other words you have forgot where you came from and where you belong.

    Historically the term has been used in conjunction with “uppity (insert the N word here) and uppity white trash.”

    The term uppity is not a synonym for arrogant in the south. Uppity is used as an insult.

  30. GAWire says:

    You mean to tell me Political Insider is still around????? The AJC is still there too?!?!?!? I leave the country for a while and come back to the same old room of rejects in Atl media.

  31. Romegaguy says:

    It’s ok. “Thou shall not use ‘uppity’ in a sentence” was clearly one of the 10 Commandments he couldnt name so therefore it isnt a sin

  32. ChuckEaton says:

    I’ve never heard a remotely logical response as to why Georgia should have pre-clearance from the DOJ and a state like Maryland should not.

    All of the rebuttals are emotional.

  33. debbie0040 says:

    I have heard African Americans describe other African Americans as uppity.

    How many of you that are criticizing Westmoreland for his comments have also been critical of Obama for attending a racist church for 20 years? Is it ok to be racist because you are a minority?

    There is a double standard with regard to Republicans and Democrats and I am sick of it!!!. What if a Republican had attended a church with David Duke as pastor for 20 years?

  34. Doug Deal says:


    In my entire life, I have never heard “uppity” used in a racial context. Of course, I grew up in the MidWest, West and Florida and do not really spend time with racists in the 18 years I have lived in Georgia, but I will take your word for it.

    One question this brings to my mind though. What words in the South aren’t considered racial?

  35. Icarus says:

    Just do it, don’t ask any questions. Trust me. It will be easier that way. I don’t want to have to deal with the calls for your resignation. I don’t have the time.

  36. John Konop says:


    That was a bad example. David Duke ran as a Republican and Democrat for office. And people with your attitude in the GOP toward people of a different race or religion are going to hurt the party in the long run. The ability to accept, tolerate and give minorities rights is what makes us a representative democracy. You sound as intolerant as times as leaders and or supporters of tribes in the Middle East.

  37. John Konop says:


    QB Dan LeFevour became the first Central Michigan quarterback to pass for more than 3,000 yards in a season. The redshirt freshman’s total of 3,031 leaves him only 57 yards out of 10th place on the school’s all-time list. QB Dan LeFevour was named the MAC freshman of the year this season. LeFevour began the year as the Central Michigan Chippewas’ No. 2 quarterback, but an injury to Brian Brunner in the opening game gave Dan LeFevour a chance that he turned into a dream come true. Dan LeFevour passed for school records of 3,031 yards and 26 touchdowns and led the Central Michigan Chippewas to the MAC championship and a bowl victory.


  38. debbie0040 says:

    John, my attitude? I am not racist in anyway. You attack anyone that does not agree with you. I abhor racism of any kind, even when someone in the minority is racist. Your opinion stopped mattering to me long ago.

    Those that oppose illegal immigation are not racist as you have alleged in the past..

    The same standards should apply to both Republicans and Democrats…

    As for college football, Roll Tide!!!

  39. John Konop says:


    As you know I was outspoken about illegal immigration before it was a big issue. The difference between you and I on this issue and others is I deal with the facts, economic and law not comments that fire up racial tension. You on this issue as well as other issues spew out hate not trying to solve the problem.

    It looks like you want issues like abortion, immigration, education…to fire up the base, but never solve anything. At the end I see our country not red or blue but just Americans all trying to do what is best. I may disagree with the views but if they are willing to engage without the hate they are fellow Americans and should be treated as such.

    I see you as no different as Spacey; your agenda is about dividing people for your party. At the end this will only hurt our country and I pray you see the light some day.

  40. bowersville says:


    Sometimes when one that had a profession that requires the monitoring of racists brings one in contact with real racist.

  41. John Konop says:


    I sign of strength is the ability to accept people different than you. It does not mean I have to agree with the person all the time only accept them. Tolerance is strength not a weakness!

  42. GAWire says:

    ok, let me get things back on track here. can someone please tell me what the f&$k ‘uppity’ means and how in the name of zues’ butthole did it become racist?!?!? more importantly, what kind of a d-bag says ‘uppity’?

  43. GAWire says:

    oh yeah and someone pulleeeeaaasssseeee tell me who the hell reads political insider still. I thought they cut it back when the AJC was cashflowing. oh, wait …

  44. Bill Simon says:


    These are your words in response to my question above: “[A] sign of strength is the ability to accept people different than you. It does not mean I have to agree with the person all the time only accept them. Tolerance is strength not a weakness!”

    YOU are arguing some point that MUST exist in some other thread, John.

    Debbie posted something that addressed the double-standard of the LEFT-WINGERS, and YOU use what she posted as some sort of “evidence” that SHE is an intolerant racist.

    John, just go blog in the kiddie pool. You’re neither logical enough nor mature enough to make a salient point on this matter at all.

  45. tb says:

    John Konop
    I concur with you wholeheartedly. Many Republicans miss the mark entirely. We are the party of freedom and opportunity for all races. We are the party of Lincoln. And for that I will forever be proud.
    Republicans have lost their way when they cannot engage in an honest conversation about their rhetoric toward race. We cannot engage in dividing people by race, creed, or ability.

    Oh, and education is the Civil Right of this century. I believe this so much. Why should we send our children to failing schools, for what?! To perpetuate more failure for our future generations?

  46. GreenAllTheWay says:

    I worry about some of these guys, like Daniel Adams. Where does he get his facts, or does he just like making stuff up?

  47. Doug Deal says:


    Why waste the extra effort to beat a team by 50 points, when you can win by 12. First, you give them a boost, and you still get your W. Win – Win.

  48. Big Mack says:

    When Westmoreland ran for his first term, he was opposed by a black real Republican, Dylan Glenn. Former managing editor of the AJC Jim Minter lives in that district and went berserk about the fact that Dylan Glenn might win. All of us are too sensitive about racial remarks. When someone asks me if I am a racist, I just say no more so than Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

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