OK, which one of you did it.

Jesse Jackson in hospital after a visit to Georgia and Ohio:

This week, while conducting voter registration drives in Ohio and Georgia, the 66-year-old civil rights leader was stricken with food poisoning. He’s now at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, where he was diagnosed with viral gastroenteritis and severe dehydration.

But Jackson was resting comfortably enough to engage in a telephone interview with my AJC colleague Susan Abramson, where he said his doctors expect a full recovery.

From his bedside, Jackson said he has not been able to pin down where he became ill.

He was in Ohio over the weekend, and in Athens on Labor Day. On Wednesday, he was signing up voters in Atlanta. “Two days ago I began to feel stomach anxiety and pain and by yesterday it was very intense,” he said.


  1. SOWEGA_GOP says:

    I think it was George Bush’s fault. On an unrelated note, did anyone else think the Mccain speech was incredibly boring?

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