I liked it better when the entire peach pundit community would come together to go after Sonny or Glenn Richardson. I miss those days. Can’t we all just get along?


  1. Game Fan says:

    Working groups: more globalist lingo. Part of the corporatocracy. Oh sure. They’ll come up with lotsa neat ideas. Like teaching GA kids Mandarin Chinese. But you can forget wood shop. or Physical science. Or drafting. shorthand. ect… Lotsa stuff they probably don’t teach as much these days. Too many tests and standards.

  2. tb says:

    You can thank the POTUS for that! Listen, if there is going to be any improvement in Ga education, they need to be bringing in superintendents that have implemented their own reforms, can you say maverick? The governor needs to do a nationwide search for Education Reformists and bring them in on the panel, in addition, how about some business leaders, and may be a few veteran classroom educators!

  3. Doug Deal says:

    Funny, why would FSU play a one loss USC instead of an undefeated OSU for the national championship. Your credibility is really off on that one.

    The real national championship is Sept. 13.

  4. tb says:

    Dismantle public education as we know it. It’s proven that school choice works. The special education vouchers are working wonders for the special ed kids.

  5. Rick Day says:

    now that the sing-along is done….

    I agree that Libs should not be attackeing Mz Palin, especially with the recent nude pix to resurface, er..I mean…because its not fair!

    So no fair picking on candidates. Any of them!

    Red and Yellow Black and White, they is candidates in Our Sight.


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