Open Thread

I think we’re going to start doing this more often, as you guys sure are chatty about lots of non-Georgia issues lately!

Consider this a wide open thread for anything you want to discuss. I’ll start: I need some advice for my FF lineup this weekend. Below the fold, my roster. Let me know what you think.

Brees, Drew QB NO
Graham, Earnest RB TB
McFadden, Darren RB OAK
Owens, Terrell WR DAL
Ward, Hines WR PIT
Miller, Heath TE PIT
Cooley, Chris TE WAS
Graham, Shayne K CIN
Chargers DST CAR

Campbell, Jason QB WAS
Watson, Kenny RB CIN
Williams, DeAngelo RB CAR
Walker, Javon WR OAK
Curtis, Kevin WR PHI
Titans DST

I just picked up Kenny Watson (since Rudi got cut). I’m having trouble with who should get the start between DeAngelo and Watson, or whether to keep two tight ends in for the week. I’m in Sportsline, so I get the usual 2-3 RB plus a flex.


  1. drjay says:

    i would be worried about watson until i had some idea of how he and perry are going to split carries, heath miller had a few 0 catch weeks last year, so he’s risky–that probably leaves deangelo by default…

  2. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    Clayton, thanks for setting up more open threads. I’ve grown tired of PP lately. It used to be a good and fun source of GA political news, but lately, it’s been little more than one big sauage fight between the 99% Reps and 1% Dems. Every argument can be summed up like this…my guy is better than your guy! No way, my guy is better than your guy! No way, my guy is better than your guy! No way, my guy is better than your guy! No way, my guy is better than your guy! No way, my guy is better than your guy! No way, my guy is better than your guy!

    sigh πŸ™

    Anyway, to answer your FFL question. Tough call really. Definite RB time sharing for both Cincy and Car but I’d go with Watson for now. Perry is brittle and Marvin hasn’t indicated yet what the ratio will be for Perry/Watson. I think closer to 60/40 in favor of Watson. Besides, DeAngelo is too tiny, get’s pushed around a lot.

  3. EAVDad says:

    Rough call. Watson plays Baltimore which is very stout against the run. Williams will get the start for Carolina, but will share carries with Jonathan Stewart (and in my opinion not be starting at the end of the year).

    With that said, I still might start Kenny Watson. RBs are guaranteed points and TEs are not. Plus Cooley — the worse of your two TEs — is playing the NYG defense. Their tough against the pass.

    Start Watson.

  4. Icarus says:

    LSU v Troy postponed until November.

    Dogs now #2. Can’t wait to hear all the hype over the USC/OSU game for the next 10 days – gag. Just thinking about it made me throw up in my mouth a bit.

    Still time to get in on the pro-pickem game on Yahoo. The college game sucks without confidence points. Thanks Doug.

    And Clayton wants our advice for his fantasy league, but wouldn’t play in ours? WTF?

    BMW is considering importing 4 cylinder 3-series cars to meet fuel economy standards.

    The new panda at the zoo is a male.

    I like turtles.

  5. midtown_maven says:

    Test drive an Audi at twilight, just to enjoy the lighted dashboard.

    Help the Reps once, but leave before it makes
    you hard;
    Support the Dems once, but leave before it
    makes you soft.

  6. Icarus says:

    BMW and Audi are both bringing diesels to the US market within the next 12 months. BMW will have the 335d and X5 with the same engine. The problem with the 335d is that it is their largest diesel engine, and BMW wants to market it as a performance diesel. It will be more expensive than the 335 gas model, have slightly less acceleration numbers, and get only marginal better fuel economy. Wrong move for diesel introduction.

    They would be much better off bringing over the 320d or 330d than a 4cyl or the big diesel.

  7. Icarus says:

    “who don’t even realize that the sun melts wax. ”

    You really believe that crap? You probably believe that static electricity caused the Hindenberg explosion, and not the evil conspiracy between the oil companies and Republicans.

  8. Palmetto Peach says:

    Clayton, on your FF picks: I think I’m in the distinct minority who thinks Perry might stay healthy now that the starting job is his. I’m not so sure that Watson will see the touches that justify a week-in and week-out starting position. I’m also in the minority who thinks DeAngelo Williams is a very solid back, but I do think that Jonathan Stewart will get more and more of the load as the season goes on. That kid looks STRONG.

    In Week 1, I usually stick with my gut instinct and leave my first picks in, but keep a careful eye on how my bench performs to prep for Week 2. I think you’ll be very pleased with McFadden, maybe not so with Graham. But I’d leave both of ’em in for now.

  9. Game Fan says:

    And this is the same Governor who’s talking to a globalist working group? Centralization at the state level. Of course there’s never a BAD reason to centralize power. Only GOOD reasons. Especially when it’s “for the children”.

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